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Friday, April 18, 2014


You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.   -   Ruth E.Renkl.

Many persons must be furious and be contemplating to call Police. But, please mind the title. I merely said, “You can get.” I did neither promise you anything nor did I ask anything in return.

The billion dollar question is," What is our life's ultimate aim?"

 We strive for a big luxury car, for what? We toil day and night for a big luxury house, for what? We burn our blood to put ten million bucks in our bank’s account, for what?  Can these things give us real happiness?

I have seen many sad souls living in big houses, driving air-conditioned cars and owning millions of property. All these things are certainly important but of no use, if they fail to make us happy.

 Once I visited a friend's house, the house lady at once started scolding her mother-in-law. To make the matter worse, she continued to relate her illness and hardships till we stayed there. She had stored too much acid in her heart.

I suffer from blood pressure, diabetes, gastric, piles, back pain, gout, tennis elbow, etc.  Once my junior Shri Manoj Choudhary asked jokingly, "Sir, please name a healthy part of your body." I promptly retorted, "I got a frail physique by birth, but I can defeat anyone instantly in gusto and enthusiasm.

Once my car broke down, I reached my in-law's house without any information at 10.30 p.m. My parent in laws, who are in their eighties, became exultant. My mother in law went to the kitchen and prepared dinner, despite my requests for not bothering. My father in law helped her. I had my dinner at 11 p.m. and slept peacefully. When I got up, my breakfast was ready. I enjoyed the hot and tasty breakfast and touched their feet to depart. The father in law offered me a crisp five hundred rupee note which I politely refused.
 " What is this?" He asked lovingly.
 “Five hundred bucks,"  I replied.
 He refuted with a big smile," No, it is our blessings. You may need it since your car has broken down." I pocketed the crisp note obediently, though my PNB debit card was in my pocket.
The old couple in their eighties is living happily despite many old age ailments. They have good will and happiness in their hearts. They make others happy.

So irrespective of your problems and troubles, you can get life's ultimate aim, i.e., happiness instantly. After that, you may keep trying for other materialistic things. So tune in your favorite music this weekend and start humming. One of my favorite songs is
सब  कुछ  सीखा  हमने  ना  सीखी  दुनियादारी, सच  है  दुनियावालों  हम  हैं अनाड़ी  (I learned everything but sophistication; it is true, Duniyawalo, I am a greenhorn)