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Saturday, January 26, 2013


         Make yourself more useful.
 Everybody will crave for your attention.
         Make yourself more useful.
 Everybody will die for your well being.
         Make yourself more useful.
 People will give you the choicest things.
         Make yourself more useful.
 They will take you to the skies.

         What happens when usefulness is lost?
One becomes a burden for one's own children.
         When one is dead with no utility, he is cremated by his own kith and kins.
         The world regards you according to your utility. That is why Nokia, Samsung, Tata & other companies spend millions & billions on research to increase their usefulness day by day.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


“Life is unpredictable.We can not tell what will happen in a minute.We have no control of tomorrow, and it's details. Live a careful life.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Section 10 of NI Act stipulates to act in good faith and without negligence. But, unfortunately, we often give too much weight to acting in good faith and acting without negligence remains ominously lacking.

  A bank officer was on leave for three days; after his return, he verified, in good faith, one DEBIT CARD entered into the bank's system three days ago. But due to apparent workload, he did not check carefully all the details of the person who got the debit card. Later on, staff knew to their dismay that a fraud took the debit card and withdrew Rs.1, 10,000/- from the account of another customer. Now the officer, who verified the debit card, in good faith but without due diligence, fell in deep trouble. 

We often hear in our day to day life that somebody acted in good faith and was duped by fraudsters. Once a crook, impersonating himself a bank employee, asked a customer, his debit card number, and password for verification. The customer revealed the requested information in good faith. Later on, the fraudster used all the balance of customer's account for the online purchase.

  Acting in good faith and helping others is not a crime but it must be done with due diligence and without negligence. So whenever you are going to act in good faith, for God's sake, take all due cares also & be double sure that you are doing right things.

Monday, January 14, 2013


498 A is a dreaded draconian law. It is more misused than used. Once one honorable Chief Justice of India termed this law as,"LEGAL TERRORISM." This law appears to be pro women but the travesty of the fact is that it works against women also. During its misuse the false case under this section is filed against all women of the family including old ailing ladies. According to one survey highest number of women have been arrested under this section. Although now the honourable supreme court has ordered not to arrest the accused persons automatically, yet it is very much necessary to know tips to avoid its misuse since none knows who will become its victim.

Generally small differences in the family culminate in filing false cases under 498 A. Therefore it is very much essential that marriages are made in the families of same background. It has been seen that if someone marries with the girl of richer or more well to do family. The bride refuses to adjust with the groom's family members.  There is a pressure on the groom to  break away from his family members. If the groom refuses to comply, the resulting tension sometimes culminates in false 498 A case. In one such case the bride committed suicide and the hapless groom's family had to face criminal trial under section 302 B.

Recently I interacted with two families which became victims of 498 A misuse. Both of them told that their very close relatives were involved in the marriage. So they did not make proper and discreet enquiries about the bride and her family. In one case the bride was mentally challenged, the groom's family tried to adjust but could not succeed. In another case the the bride used to lose temper frequently. Her husband took her with him at Delhi where he was doing job. But she could not adjust there also. She left the groom's house and after some months filed false case under 498 A. The Police came and arrested groom's mother, father, brother and brother's wife. The ladies were released after sometime and rest were sent to jail. All this could have been avoided if there were proper and discreet enquiries about the would be life partners and their families. So even if some close relatives are involved in marriage negotiations, never forget to make proper and discreet enquiries yourself, since it is you who will have to face the music.
If you are suspecting misuse of 498 A, tell your parents to legally disown you by advocate's help. You may also contact other sites such as and www.498 A. org etc., for guidance. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013


"Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That is why we call it present." - B Olatunji.

"What you can do today can improve all your tomorrows." -  Ralf Marston
 A bridge never makes a fuss about careless drivers who crossed yesterday. It never worries about the massive traffic that will come tomorrow. It just handles the present traffic with full force and energy.

  For example, the Howrah Bridge (Ravindra Setu) handles one lac vehicles and one lac fifty thousand pedestrians per day. What will happen, if all the traffic of the last year and the next year comes on the bridge at once? The mighty bridge, serving us since 1943, will collapse like a matchstick box.
 Similarly, all mental breakdowns result from taking the load of past mishaps and future apprehensions in the present.

 Somebody rightly said," The past is a lapsed cheque, and the future is a post-dated cheque. Only the present is an encashable cheque, so let us encash present to enjoy a fruitful life.
 However, we must learn lessons from the past mistakes to avoid them again & again. We must also plan carefully for the future without worrying about it.