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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Robert. T. Kiyosaki in his bestselling book," Rich Dad Poor Dad." exhorted to quote the lowest amount for purchasing real estate, etc., He gave some tips to get goods and services at bargain prices.

 One evening I was roaming at Chandni Chowk, Delhi. The legendary Chowk was bustling with life. Scores of hawkers were selling their merchandise. I went to one stall and asked price of a briefcase just for pastime.
 The tall and dark complexioned seller threw his charming smile upon me and said," Only 200 bucks, Sir." I started to move away without any reaction. The shrewd fellow began to reduce the price. He yelled 180....160....140...120.....100.....80....60......40. You will be surprised to note that his last quote was mere 20% of his first quote. 
Once I visited famous tourist resort Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills. I decided to hire a taxi for Dehradun. So during my morning walk, I went to the taxi stand of Mall Road and knew that they charge around Rs. 1000/-. I returned to my Hotel and casually asked the receptionist," What is the taxi fare for Dehradun." The lean & thin receptionist impassively replied Rs. 720/-. I became euphoric inside and just ordered to book the cab. The receptionist smiled slyly & talked with somebody on mobile. After talking for a while, he said," Sorry Sir,   they have raised the rate recently, now they are asking Rs. 810/-." I had no option but to pay 90 bucks more. Had I started bargaining to reduce some amount from 720/-, I might have paid either 720/- or less.
 90 bucks don't matter. But the attitude to save money by asking for better bargains may save you a big fortune during your lifetime.
So before making a final bid, please survey the market thoroughly. You may find different prices in different shops in the same market. Then please judge whether there is any bargaining culture in the area, if so, how much. You may then make your final bid and save lots of your hard earned money. Please don't show too much curiosity in purchasing else you may end up paying more.
However, if something looks too good and too irresistible to purchase. Please keep away, since there are high chances that you may be duped.