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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hire an expert in his profession.
 His fee is high beyond doubt. But he is proved cheaper in the long run.

 My car's battery was always getting weak, and its engine often stopped abruptly in the midway. I used to come out of the car desperately and request others meekly to push the faulty car on the far side of the road. Some of them suggested jokingly," Why are you driving this Khatara. Sell it and buy a brand new car." The car mechanics were groping in the dark.

Once I went to Darbhanga to attend a marriage ceremony of a close friend's daughter; my car's engine at once stopped working, to my utter dismay, in Kaidrabagh at around 8 p.m. All the good workshops were closed since it was Sunday. Many quack mechanics came and tried to start the car but in vain. At last, with a heavy heart, I was compelled to leave the vehicle in Darbhanga and return by bus. One good mechanic attended the car but wondered many times," After all what drained the battery so low?"
 I took my car to Muzaffarpur, but the problem persisted. A friend advised me to consult a good electrician; he concluded that car's alternator was faulty. He advised me to change the alternator. I complied immediately. Now the problem is over and the 2001 model Maruti 800 is running fine.

There are specialists in every profession. There are gynaecologists, cardiologists, urologists, dentists, gastrologists etc in the medical profession. There are civil advocates, criminal advocates, company affair advocates, income tax advocates in legal profession. There are denters, painters, electricians, etc in car repairing profession. So when you need to consult someone, ensure to consult an expert. This will save your time, money & mental composure in the long run.

Make sure to hire an experienced expert in complicated matters. A novice sails smooth when things are nice but collapses in complicated matters. This is why junior advocates work under their seniors & interns practice under senior doctors.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It is high time that the delivery of justice is made  people friendly. My bike was stolen and was recovered by the Police. I had to spend nine days with advocate, court and police officials altogether to get the bike released. Everybody agreed that the bike was mine. Even then it took nine painful days. In such cases, when ownership is not disputed, should not the Police be authorised and instructed to handover the bike to its true owner immediately after taking surety/bond.?

One of my  friends, Shri N.K.Mehta, told," He was a government witness in a criminal case. He did not receive any summons or bail able     warrants to testify in the court. One fine morning an ASI of Bihar Police called on him with a non bail able warrant. You may just guess in such situation how a common man might have felt. How will anyone dare to volunteer himself to help the law enforcing machinery.

A robbery was committed in one of my bank branches. All the present staff members were made government witnesses. All had the same oral complaints that they did not receive any summons or bail able warrants. The Police informed them that non bail able warrants against them had been issued by the court.  However since this issue involved many staff members so the Police was lenient, they just advised them to testify in the court and get their non bail able warrants withdrawn.
Once a Magistrate in Gujrat issued warrants, in a false and fabricated case, against the then honourable Chief Justice of India, Justice V.N.Khare and the then honourable President Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

 Should there not be a grievance redressal system in the courts also to fix respnsibility on delinquent employees and punish them?
Recently The honourable Mr Justice P.Sathasivam, the Chief Justice of India  expressed concern over the steady decline of reputation of Judiciary and legal profession while addressing Judges, Advocates and other eminent persons in Chennai.

Now it is high time that something concrete is done to address the issue.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


"One Minute Manager" is a bestselling fable book by Management Guru Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. The great authors described three simple techniques of effective management. "One-minute Praising" is one of them. Learned authors mentioned in the book that when you start giving "One Minute Praising" and forget to deliver it on a particular occasion, your colleagues will remind you about it.

I knew till now that one may become addicted to smoking, drinking, opium, brown sugar, etc.,  But the following incident made me realize that people may become addicted to sincere praising also and if not given they may confront me to ask for it.

            In my other article," Change The Environment, Make Dinosaurs Extinct Species." I informed that on the interval of 2-3 months, I call staff meetings and give token gifts to the best performing staff members with many words of sincere praise. But due to some pre-occupations, I forgot to call staff meetings. One of my best colleagues Rajesh Jee confronted me and complained in a sweet voice," Sir, You have forgotten to call the staff meeting to deliver your sincere praising to the best performing staff member. So on the same evening, I called the meeting.

Many learned colleagues express frustration about management books by calling them mere theoretical. But I bet, "They are useful beyond doubt if we put the theories into practice."

Sunday, September 15, 2013


There are lots of articles in motivational literature to cure under-confidence. However, the danger of overconfidence is utterly ignored.

 I purchased a green Hero Honda Splendour Pro bike in October 2011. I loved it immensely. I took as much care of my beautiful bike as Baba Bharti took care of Sultan.

I got an alarm system installed on the motorcycle, and  I always put the alarm system on after parking it. However, I did not bother to put on the alarm in my branch premises.  I used to tell my staff that everybody in this locality recognizes my bike. Therefore, no thief will dare to take it from the office premises. However, to my utter disappointment, a thief stole my bike on one fine Saturday. The ATM guard was dumbfounded, but he could not even describe the bike's color.

Drunken drivers commit accidents because alcohol boosts their confidence unnecessary. Consequently, they take precious lives of others. Sometimes they make their children fatherless and put their family in great hardship. 

One Shayar wrote, "
ना मुझे जीत की खुशी थी, ना मुझे हार का गम था, अफ़सोस मगर मेरी किश्ती वहां डुबी जहाँ पानी कम था। "(I was neither pleased to win, nor depressed to lose. But, alas my boat capsized in shallow waters.) So one must be suitably vigilant even in shallow waters, else overconfidence will make him careless enough capsize his ship.

N.B. Philip Guedalla said," History repeats itself." So "Haar Kee Jit" of Sudarshan also repeated itself. The wisdom prevailed on the unknown thief as it prevailed on the robber Khadag Singh. He left my lovely bike near my office. I got it back after completing legal formalities.
 May God bless everybody with wisdom, peace of mind, happiness and success in noble causes. Amen.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Rudyard Kipling's best friends were What, Who, Why, Where, When & How? Exploring a problem by asking six fundamental questions was also called Kipling Method.

However, we may develop our foresightedness tremendously by asking one simple question, “What if?" Many Scientists must be expert in asking, “What if?"  They must always be asking during their experiments what if I tried this or what if I tried that. Our Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi must have asked himself," What if I used Satyagraha with non-violence for fighting against the mighty British Empire where the Sun never sets.

Many years ago on one beautiful Saturday evening, I forgot the duplicate keys of my office in the drawer. Later on, I found that the duplicate keys were missing. My mind started to race fast.
 What if a thief finds the keys, he will empty the whole office in the night?  The book value of all the computers, fans, coolers and furniture must be many lacks. The bank will recover the entire amount from me. The Police will also come into the picture. They will blame me that I knowingly gave the keys to someone to steal everything from the branch office. Thus, I may get involved in a Police case also. All these thoughts were trying to make me depressed.
 When the keys were with me, I used to keep them casually without understanding the implications of it being lost. Earlier I could have asked," what if" I missed the duplicate keys. This simple question would have saved peace & enjoyment of my weekend.

 So when you have blessings, ask yourself,"What will happen if I lose them, and hear the answers. Ask “What if? on every occasion." This simple method will help develop your foresightedness to a great extent.