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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hire an expert in his profession.
 His fee is high beyond doubt. But he is proved cheaper in the long run.

 My car's battery was always getting weak, and its engine often stopped abruptly in the midway. I used to come out of the car desperately and request others meekly to push the faulty car on the far side of the road. Some of them suggested jokingly," Why are you driving this Khatara. Sell it and buy a brand new car." The car mechanics were groping in the dark.

Once I went to Darbhanga to attend a marriage ceremony of a close friend's daughter; my car's engine at once stopped working, to my utter dismay, in Kaidrabagh at around 8 p.m. All the good workshops were closed since it was Sunday. Many quack mechanics came and tried to start the car but in vain. At last, with a heavy heart, I was compelled to leave the vehicle in Darbhanga and return by bus. One good mechanic attended the car but wondered many times," After all what drained the battery so low?"
 I took my car to Muzaffarpur, but the problem persisted. A friend advised me to consult a good electrician; he concluded that car's alternator was faulty. He advised me to change the alternator. I complied immediately. Now the problem is over and the 2001 model Maruti 800 is running fine.

There are specialists in every profession. There are gynaecologists, cardiologists, urologists, dentists, gastrologists etc in the medical profession. There are civil advocates, criminal advocates, company affair advocates, income tax advocates in legal profession. There are denters, painters, electricians, etc in car repairing profession. So when you need to consult someone, ensure to consult an expert. This will save your time, money & mental composure in the long run.

Make sure to hire an experienced expert in complicated matters. A novice sails smooth when things are nice but collapses in complicated matters. This is why junior advocates work under their seniors & interns practice under senior doctors.  

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