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Sunday, October 21, 2012


  Saints have been chanting holy mantras repeatedly, religiously and forcefully since olden days for acquiring divine powers.
 Striking employees shout slogans repeatedly and forcefully to get energized & highly motivated.
 In Jeffrey Archer's famous novel,” The Prodigal Daughter," Florentyna Kane used to continuously chant to her," I SHALL BECOME PRESIDENT." Eventually, she became the President of USA.

  Make a slogan of your goals.
 If you aspire to become super rich, chant," I SHALL BECOME A BILLIONAIRE." forcefully and continuously. Please make your G-Mail or Facebook password isbb$30.  Thus whenever you punch the password, your subconscious mind will be reminded about your LIFE GOAL. The slogan will be fast embedded gradually in your subconscious mind by continuous forceful chantings. Consequently, your mind start searching many ways to become a billionaire and you will find many opportunities to fulfill your dreams.
 It is proved time and again that our subconscious mind has infinite powers. Once something is picked up steadfastly by the subconscious mind, miracles happen. Divine and unknown forces make impossible looking things possible.
 The Beauty of this exercise is that we remember our passwords very quickly since they are first alphabets of our slogan. But for others they are meaningless.
   Children are named after Gods or Goddesses since it is believed from time immemorial that while calling names of their children repeatedly, the devotees also call their Gods and Goddesses and get their blessings. Therefore we are advocating something which is being practiced profitably since time immemorial.

Sharing your life goals with others and associating with like minded positive people multiplies the effects. Florentina Kane declared openly that she wanted to become the President of the USA. Therefore, don't forget to tell others about your life goals. Some persons may scorn at you, but many will be ready to help you on the win-win basis.

 Young Saints stayed together in Gurukuls under the guidance of Old Saints. Please associate with experienced and highly successful people in your field and get their advice for achieving grand success. Many highly successful individuals are ready to share their secrets of achievement through their books. You will find interviews with others on television or in newspapers.

Take up the gauntlet and start with full force. Well begun is half done and nothing succeeds like success.


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