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Monday, May 26, 2014


The strong leaders give credit to others for successes and take responsibility themselves for failures. After 1977 debacle in general elections, Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself took all the responsibility for the massive defeat of the Congress party. Her action was widely appreciated. 
The influential leaders also have the amazing quality of giving credit of achievements to their team members.
I learned this trait very early. But, once I found myself in a very bizarre situation.
The great leader sipped all the venom of the ocean churning and gave the nectar to Gods

I was newly married and was going to my inlaw's home first time.  Since I was a novice in purchasing cloth, I took help of a married friend in buying a lovely yellow Saree for my wife; she was delighted. I gave credit to my friend,” Actually this Saree has been selected by Arun Jee.”
 My wife got very upset and complained bitterly, "You delegated purchase of my Saree also." I had no option but to clarify that actually, I did the purchasing myself, my friend just accompanied me.
So when your position is not vulnerable as a strong leader, you may give credit to your team members for achievements and discredit yourself for lapses. Your team members need your emotional support and backing. They always tend to flock around strong leaders.
But when emotions are involved, kindly desist from this good habit.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Once I visited station master's cabin at Mehsi Railway Station where a big poster was exhorting," Satarkta gayee, durghatna huyee. (Accident happens as soon as the vVigilance departs),"

 I always advise my office colleagues to keep a close watch on me since  I may commit a fraud if my mind goes awry. I also tell them that often frauds are perpetrated by innocent looking unsuspecting fellows, so we must watch each other carefully and discreetly.

Track record of a man is also deceptive. Many honest looking persons with an excellent family background have committed frauds.The fraudsters first earn the confidence of their victim then dupe them.

Andrew Davidson in the Gargoyle said, “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently."

   We must realize," Accidents may come, uninvited, from any corner." and remain always vigilant to keep ourselves safe.


 A tiny piece of stone hit the right toe of my barefooted diabetic friend while visiting a prominent enormous temple in Ahmadabad. He got first aid and decided to get proper treatment in Muzaffarpur. Unfortunately his leg became infected in the mean time, and finally, he succumbed to the terrible infection after suffering for five months in a costly nursing home at Patna.

I am also a diabetic. My doctor Mr. Suman Kumar advised me always to wear good quality cotton socks and shoes, and he also warned that diabetics are prone to diabetes foot which is incurable till now.
 I also searched the internet and read innumerable articles about diabetes foot. I put some important points below for ready reference.
1. Don't walk barefooted, even in your home.
2. Wear good quality comfortable socks and shoes in outings.
3. Wash your foot daily with warm water and dry them well.
4. Apply good quality foot cream.
4. Last but not the least; keep your blood sugar level in the normal range with doctor's prescribed medicines, proper diet, and active exercises. 

Friday, May 16, 2014


Try again; you have millions of alternatives.
--- Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!
 Our mind incessantly produces ideas based on our experience, attitude, and learning; many persons embrace even the silliest ones, first crossing their minds, but if we refuse to hug the first ones and seek more alternatives, our subconscious mind happily gives more and more.

Whenever I decide to solve a problem, I always brainstorm for more and more solutions.
 I always ask," Can there be another solution?"  I also urge my colleagues to suggest suitable alternatives and discuss all feasible solutions with them. Then we select the best one.
 For example, I and my friend Mr. N.K.Mehta wanted to purchase a plot of land. We visited many plots in Muzaffarpur but did not find them worth buying. We asked many friends and acquaintances for help.  Finally, our senior Mr. B.K.Srivastav informed that PNB staff members were purchasing a big piece of land near Patna to develop a PNB housing colony. We finally decided to ride the bandwagon.

However, allot time to explore alternatives according to the importance of a problem. If you wish to have a dinner in a good restaurant, apparently you will spend less time in exploring options than a person who is searching a suitable bride for his smart son.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


In 2004, a magistrate in Gujarat issued bailable warrants against then Chief Justice of India Mr. V.N. Khare and then President of India, Mr. A.P.J. Abul Kalam. These bailable warrants were issued in a false and fabricated case. As per processes, the court sends summons first, if the summoned person doesn't present himself in the court, then bailable warrants are to be issued. In some cases, summons doesn't reach the summoned. They know when a Police Officer knocks their door with the arrest warrant.

My one friend N.K.Mehta was a Government Witness in a criminal case. He didn't receive any summons. On a beautiful morning, a Police Officer knocked his doors with a nonbailable warrant. You may just imagine how a law abiding citizen would feel when he will face the nonbailable arrest warrant for helping the law and order machinery by being a witness in a criminal case against hardened criminals. You may also guess how he might have saved himself from being arrested.
Sources say that in the lower courts some court, clerks demand and accept money openly as PESHI for taking attendance and informing next date. My friend's father was fighting a false criminal case, years ago. He allegedly gave PESHI and received date. Later on, he was arrested by the Police on a nonbailable warrant. He was produced in the court in handcuffs and rope like a thief and came to know that the date given to him by the clerk was one week after the actual date fixed by the court. The court issued the nonbailable warrant for not appearing on the date. The opposite party was very active in getting a nonbailable arrest warrant issued and getting him arrested. 
The Honorable Chief Justice of Patna High Court has sacked some judicial officers for wrong behavior. It is high time that erring employees acting in lower posts are also taken to the task and CCTVs are installed in courts to discourage unethical practices. Dates should be posted in internet site of the court. No nonbailable warrants should be issued for accidental or unintentional absence.

Friday, May 9, 2014


A woman filed a false and fabricated rape case against the then Speaker of Bihar Assembly, Shri Sadanand Singh in 2002. Her husband was an alleged kidnapper and was arrested just one day ago in a kidnapping case related to a close relative of Shri Singh.
Above incident shows blatant boldness of the law abusers who don't spare even high dignitaries; what will happen to the common man?
A large number of persons are facing trials in false criminal cases, and suffering a lot. It is very easy to file a false case against anybody. A rascal just manages two other rascals as witnesses, and that is all.
 Therefore lots of miscreants are using this as a tool to harass and blackmail innocent citizens.

“Equality before the law and equal protection of law” is one of the objectives of our Constitution. So it is high time that the Government starts prosecuting false complainants and witnesses effectively.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Our Indian Penal Code consists of a vast number of Cognizable Offenses where a Police Official can arrest a person without any warrant.
Even in bailable offenses, the Police puts handcuffs on a person’s wrist and produce in a court by pulling with a thick and big rope.

 Section 66A of IT Act is one more addition to draconian laws enacted by our democratic and welfare governments in our welfare state. Even the British in colonial rule did not pass such a large number of draconian laws.
 One SHO reportedly has powers to lodge FIR by becoming an informant himself and arrest the accused. It is said, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Obviously, the Police Officials cannot be an exception. Perhaps this unfettered power to arrest." is a big reason that common citizens are very much apprehensive of the Police.
 The arrest of young Pal Ghar women in 2012, is sufficient to prove it. It is welcome that the Chief Justice of India showed his displeasure on the ugly episode and the Police Officials involved in the arrest were placed under suspension since there were large-scale protests against the arrest of innocent young women.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Our Indian Penal Code consists of 511 sections. There are a plethora of other acts namely Indian Railways Act, IT Act, FEMA, etc. and etc. Breach of all these laws means a bailable or nonbailable offense.
One famous magazine once claimed," You can't find a bone in an egg's yolk. But an agent of the CIA might be even there.
If one goes through all the acts enacted by our welfare government, he may find to his dismay that he has violated one law or the other.

To add insult to the injury, the Police can arrest a person even for a bailable offense, put handcuffs on his wrists and produce in a court by pulling with a big and thick rope; the court often sets him free by imposing a penalty of few hundred Rupees.
 If someone is arrested for a bailable offense, the Police Official is supposed to inform this fact to the detainee, but it rarely happens. The efforts are often made to impose some nonbailable sections also.