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Saturday, April 26, 2014


In olden days, kings always carried swords and arrows. They killed their enemies as soon as they found the rascals; if an enemy was too powerful, they waited for the right time to finish the son of a bitch.
 However, the Kings didn't sit idle; they sent their spies in enemy's camp and tried to purchase their allies; they continuously strived to weaken their enemy by hook or by crook. The shrewd monarchs always kept track of all their enemies and annihilated them systematically one by one.

We, too, are no less than any warrior; when we leave the bed, we find many works to be done. We must finish them, then and there, if some work looks too mind boggling, bide your time, wait for the right time and finish it promptly. In the meantime, please don't sit idle but do something daily towards completion of the task. Always keep in mind," Inch by inch; anything is  a synch." Whatsoever mighty the tree may be, if you axe daily for a fixed time, it will certainly fall, one day.
 Keep track of all the works to be done by preparing "TO DO LIST" and annihilate them systematically and promptly. The more jobs you finish, the more success will hug you.
If you ignore the works, you confront every day; they will become the nastiest bastards; they will swallow your day's happiness and night's sleep.

Friday, April 25, 2014


You can sharpen your memory by repetition, emphasis, sharing, and association.
Please recall your childhood days, the teacher used to instruct to repeat, repeat and repeat to remember your lessons.
The teacher not only taught to repeat your task, but he also exhorted you to repeat it emphatically and loudly. So if you want to remember something, repeat it time and again; repeat it loudly and forcefully. Sharing, your newly acquired knowledge with your chums, is also a kind of repetition.

Also, ensure to associate your newly acquired knowledge with some old facts already known to you. I was introduced to a bright fellow named Pravin Kumar, I told him that the name of my younger brother is also Pravin Kumar. I chatted with him for a short while. I addressed him by his name many times during our brief chat. I introduced him to my other friends by telling," Meet Pravin Jee, a nice gentleman."
Suppose you want to remember," Muzaffarpur is famous for Litchis." Imagine yourself roaming at Muzaffarpur Station; a dusty storm comes, and it starts to rain cats and dogs. But Litchis are pouring instead of water drops; hitting your head and face. 
Try to involve as many of your senses of viewing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling as possible.
Sharing facilitates repetition, and association helps concentration in peculiar ways.

 There are lots of suggestions in memory books to facilitate association. But ultimately your own imagination does the trick.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Procrastination is opportunity's assassin.- Victor Kiam

'JUST FOR ......' is one of the most dangerous and destructive phrases in the world.
One says, "I shall sleep just for five minutes more and then I shall go for a 5-mile brisk walk." The other says, "I shall enjoy smoking heartily just for now and after that, I shall neither touch a cigarette in my dreams nor in my next seven lives." However, they realize later on to their dismay that "JUST FOR...." has ruined their ambition and their health since the sequence went on indefinitely.

How can we get rid of this dangerous and destructive phrase? 
If something is worth forsaking; forsake it then and there. If smoking is dangerous; why should we smoke one more cigarette just for now? Let's forsake it just now forever. You may also peruse my article " THE MAGICAL REPETITION KILLED MY BAD HABIT."
 Similarly, there is no fun in procrastinating an important work even for a nanosecond, start it just now.
 Bid goodbye to the master procrastinator "JUST FOR....." at once and hug the emperor of dynamism " START IT NOW."  immediately for making your dreams real.

Friday, April 18, 2014


You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.   -   Ruth E.Renkl.

Many persons must be furious and be contemplating to call Police. But, please mind the title. I merely said, “You can get.” I did neither promise you anything nor did I ask anything in return.

The billion dollar question is," What is our life's ultimate aim?"

 We strive for a big luxury car, for what? We toil day and night for a big luxury house, for what? We burn our blood to put ten million bucks in our bank’s account, for what?  Can these things give us real happiness?

I have seen many sad souls living in big houses, driving air-conditioned cars and owning millions of property. All these things are certainly important but of no use, if they fail to make us happy.

 Once I visited a friend's house, the house lady at once started scolding her mother-in-law. To make the matter worse, she continued to relate her illness and hardships till we stayed there. She had stored too much acid in her heart.

I suffer from blood pressure, diabetes, gastric, piles, back pain, gout, tennis elbow, etc.  Once my junior Shri Manoj Choudhary asked jokingly, "Sir, please name a healthy part of your body." I promptly retorted, "I got a frail physique by birth, but I can defeat anyone instantly in gusto and enthusiasm.

Once my car broke down, I reached my in-law's house without any information at 10.30 p.m. My parent in laws, who are in their eighties, became exultant. My mother in law went to the kitchen and prepared dinner, despite my requests for not bothering. My father in law helped her. I had my dinner at 11 p.m. and slept peacefully. When I got up, my breakfast was ready. I enjoyed the hot and tasty breakfast and touched their feet to depart. The father in law offered me a crisp five hundred rupee note which I politely refused.
 " What is this?" He asked lovingly.
 “Five hundred bucks,"  I replied.
 He refuted with a big smile," No, it is our blessings. You may need it since your car has broken down." I pocketed the crisp note obediently, though my PNB debit card was in my pocket.
The old couple in their eighties is living happily despite many old age ailments. They have good will and happiness in their hearts. They make others happy.

So irrespective of your problems and troubles, you can get life's ultimate aim, i.e., happiness instantly. After that, you may keep trying for other materialistic things. So tune in your favorite music this weekend and start humming. One of my favorite songs is
सब  कुछ  सीखा  हमने  ना  सीखी  दुनियादारी, सच  है  दुनियावालों  हम  हैं अनाड़ी  (I learned everything but sophistication; it is true, Duniyawalo, I am a greenhorn)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


One of the world's best-selling authors Dale Carnegie in his legendary book" HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE" advocated to praise first before criticizing.
In their bestselling book "ONE MINUTE MANAGER," the renowned Management Guru Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson exhorted to adopt strict approach first and then be nice.
Which method should we adopt? Whether one approach is good enough for all situations or should we vary our methods according to situations?
I shall tell a real story to solve the dilemma.
 Once my boss became annoyed with me. I telephoned him and informed that his instructions got complied. He immediately forgot his annoyance. I felt that he was annoyed with my particular behavior only. But he continued to shower his love and good wishes on me as a person. 
My boss was nice most of the times; harsh sometimes. He was nice to us as a person but was tough on an undesirable behavior. As soon as the unwanted behavior was corrected, he forgot all his annoyance. He has been an exceptional performer and at present is a General Manager in our Bank.

I also believe the above approach works most of the times. However, you may adopt strict approach first when there is too much indiscipline. You may harm your adversaries or undisciplined person when it becomes inevitable. But most of the times take the nice tough approach. Be harsh with the undesirable behavior and respect the person and always be nice to him.

Monday, April 14, 2014


We are often overwhelmed by a long list of tasks.

'First things first' theory exhorts to do important tasks first.
80 20 rule is a potent tool for Management; it envisages that 80% output depends on 20% performance. However, it is important to pinpoint which 20% is significant for getting 80% output.
We procrastinate the things; we dislike and start a trivial task just to rationalize.
Following "First Things First" principle saves us from such predicament.
Make a list of all the tasks, review it regularly & follow the "First Things First" principle for doing the tasks in order of priority. 


 Avoid the trivial, even if they appear compelling; get rid of their tyranny, do great things.
 Delegate many tasks, to juniors, according to their capability. The art of delegation saves your time and energy for doing those things; your juniors are not competent to do.
Purchasing food items for daily consumption is urgent. One can't afford to starve one's family members. Educating one's children, saving for building a beautiful home as well as for old age is important.
A novice is severely obsessed with the urgent and spares no time for the important. 
The skilled manage critical tasks nicely and also save time and other resources to invest in important long term goals.


Why do you adore Gandhi, Ambedkar, Lincoln, and Tolstoy? Why we hate Hitler or Mussolini? Why honest and hard working companies like Tata, Microsoft, Samsung, who strive hard to give more and more in less and fewer prices, thrive by leaps and bounds. Why mushrooming fraud companies disappear like rain frogs? 

 Because honesty and virtues pay in the long run. People are too intelligent to be fooled indefinitely. They differentiate the good from the bad. They give the prize to the right and punish the bad.

A crook may be successful for a short while, but long lasting success and happiness follows only to those who work honestly, help the poor and live life based on the values.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


A great Super Star of Bollywood was reportedly sharing Dias with the veteran Mr. Sivaji Ganesan and Mr. Rajnikant in then Madras. The crowd was cold and indifferent.
When he rose to address, he expressed with reverence," Shivaji Ganeshan is my elder brother, and Rajnikant is my younger brother. The hall at once reverberated with clapping.

I am appreciated for my oratory skills among AIPNBOA members of Muzaffarpur circle.
 Once I addressed a rally at Bank of India, Zonal Office. I felt as if the crowd was sleeping. I became discouraged and cut short my speech. My friend and Regional Secretary of BOI Officers’ Association, Ashok Kumar Thakur came to my rescue and started clapping. The crowd also followed.
I analyzed the fiasco and learned lessons.

Recently Balajee Hyundai Auto Pvt Ltd invited me on the eve of the launching of their new car “Xcent.” When the lady anchor asked me to address, I told them,” My younger brother is the proud owner of I-10. He always appreciates their helpful customer service.” I spoke for 5 minutes. When I finished, the small crowd clapped with full gusto.
 A speaker will not mind if he is kept hungry. But he feels severely starved without clappings.
While addressing a crowd at a new place, tell something genuine in appreciation of the area and the people residing there. Make people friendly and amiable towards you. You will be sailing smooth after that.

Friday, April 11, 2014


 I joined Punjab National Bank at Muzaffarpur in 1982 and have been enjoying my job in our pyara-nyara bank since then.
People were very fond of Pan in the city.
 My colleagues enjoyed its green leaves with tobacco etc. and also often cajoled me to consume it. Some of them pleaded,” There is no harm in taking Pan sans tobacco.” 
 I, therefore, started to swallow tobacco less Pan with peppermint flavor. My other friend taunted then, ” Why do you take lady Pan? He also coaxed me to take a little tobacco.” I obliged him after a little hesitation. Gradually I got addicted to Pan Chewing.

My psychology behind surrendering before my colleagues was that if I refused to comply with their wishes, they would shun me, and I shall become an odd man out.
  Now I have forsaken this dirty habit, but I offer Pan to those who enjoy it.
 I maintain very healthy social relations with a large number of friends without sharing Pan, Cigarette, etc. with them.
Our popularity among our friends does not depend on, whether we share Pan, wine, and tobacco with them or not. It depends on the criteria, how much supportive we are in their projects or in their hardships.
Don't become compartment of the train and move where the engine goes but become the engine yourself and lead all the compartments in the right direction.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.

- Aristotle. 

It takes only 66 days to build a healthy habit

.--- Unknown

Addiction is not only wrong, but it is deplorable too; however,  forsaking nasty habits are sadly next to impossible, yet, we may take advantage of it by getting addicted to the right habits.

I rise early in the morning and go for a brisk walk in the fresh morning air which consists of more than enough vitality-giving oxygen.  I give my ears a treat by hearing, the chirping of birds. My eyes get a treat by looking at beautiful flowers and greeneries.  My mind, too, becomes creative. Many times I get intuition to write articles during my brisk walks.
 I have become addicted to the morning walk. My lungs have become addicted to fresh and refreshing air; So every morning they ask for fresh air and goad me to leave the bed early, wear sports shoes and go for a brisk refreshing walk.

Choose, you will get addicted to which healthy habits today? Do them religiously for 66 days and longer. You will become addicted to them and will find difficult to forsake them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Is there any sure shot way to increase your effectiveness and popularity? Try remembering names and faces of the persons around you.

 The name of a person is very very dear to his heart. Recognizing his name and addressing him with proper regard may make him your great fan. Such persons will put tremendous efforts in your projects provided other incentives are equal.
 Name of any person can be remembered easily by association, concentration and repetition. Often we forget name of a person within seconds of the first introduction. Try this method to solve the problem.

When someone tells you his name, associate his name with the name of a person already known to you. Suppose I introduce my name Uttam to you. You may loudly share that the name of your one more friend is Uttam, if it is so. You may also recall famous late actor Uttam Kumar. If the name of your new friend is associated with the name of a known person, you will remember it easily. During further talks, please address me by my name and suffix/prefix a suitable word of regard such as Uttam Jee, Uttam Babu or Mr Uttam as per convention of your area.

Please don’t forget to address your friend by name whenever you see an old friend. Please also ask welfare of common old friends and talk with eye contacts to remember the face of your friend also.

These simple techniques will help you much in remembering names along with faces. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


There are cut throat competitions in the professional world. Everybody is after ass of everybody. Many trample the fallen to move ahead.

I understand the professionalism.

 If I lose temper often, people will shun me like an angry bull. If I surrender my position, I will become a failure. Therefore I become more human and more demanding in my professional dealings to clinch the best bargain for my team.

I don't give any concession impulsively in the professional world without pondering over all pros and cons.

I have been following Lord Shri Krishna in my professional dealings. He was soft and attractive, he was tactful and tough, and he is the savior. He exhorted to work wholeheartedly without being obsessed of the result. Jai Shri Krishna.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Why are these two legends of Cricket World, Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Mr. Virat Kohli practicing barefooted with football?  
Are they bored with too much cricket? Do they aspire to become the legend of football world too?
No. These veterans are practicing barefooted at Dhaka to clinch the coveted  T20 world cup for our beloved India.
Even Such great players continuously practice sharpening their skills. But surprisingly, some of us feel so much complacent that we ignore last minute preparations.
I cleared my written promotion test in the first attempt in 1993. On the test day, I went to the center with my bright friend Shri Birabar Das, discussing relevant topics. We reached half an hour early, and after doing Hi, Hello, I started discussing different topics with other well-prepared candidates. I was pleasantly surprised to find some questions were those we discussed in the last minutes.
Last minute preparations often prove vital; one adds a few arrow to one's armory which gives a winning edge.