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Saturday, November 30, 2013


For remembering something, use all your senses; touch it; look at it and read it. Write it, Repeat it loudly. Share it with others. I can bet that you will not forget it for a long time.
The person, who uses all his resources skillfully, becomes super successful.
Our mind has a vast capacity. Even great scientists use a small portion of it. Attempt to use mind's big part.

Let's us spare a few minutes daily to plan how we can use all our resources such as our time, our manpower, our money, our other resources skillfully & optimally for doing important tasks.


  1. UTTAMJI, I always go through your blogs. I go through almost all the blogs on every Sunday, especially, Leadership & Management, motivational, treatment of many diseases & so on. A no. of blogs have been shared at FB & permanently stored at my laptop. It helped me to work easily. I am a simple person & have faith that system will not work as per our own wishes. So find out ways & means within system. Off course, try to improve the system & expect nominal change in a shorter period which reflects even after ten years. I was deputed to SUPGB, Meerut in July 2007. The quality of Inspection was in a very bad shape as it was about twenty years ago in our own bank. Every branch was having 2-4 IRs open. I took it as a mission. In the Ist year only one I.R. of every branch was left. Simultaneously the score based system was introduced & continued my seminars for Inspectors/Incumbents of Inspection at ROs/BMs. Teething trouble was there. But when I left I was satisfied as all I.Rs. were being closed within 3 months since 2012. Staff side cases were decided within a time frame. The Bank was ready for Risk based Inspection & concurrent Audit. During this period I faced constraint of Inspectors, I deputed all officers of my deptt. & ROs for the job, reduced time limit for Inspection as per size. I was satisfied when I left in Sep. 2013. All Chairmans/ GMs (DGMs/AGMs/CM at pnb) are still in my touch. When there is a will there is a way.

  2. Good evening Sir, Thanks for your kind words. Your achievements are praiseworthy and worth emulating by young generation.