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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It is high time that the delivery of justice is made  people friendly. My bike was stolen and was recovered by the Police. I had to spend nine days with advocate, court and police officials altogether to get the bike released. Everybody agreed that the bike was mine. Even then it took nine painful days. In such cases, when ownership is not disputed, should not the Police be authorised and instructed to handover the bike to its true owner immediately after taking surety/bond.?

One of my  friends, Shri N.K.Mehta, told," He was a government witness in a criminal case. He did not receive any summons or bail able     warrants to testify in the court. One fine morning an ASI of Bihar Police called on him with a non bail able warrant. You may just guess in such situation how a common man might have felt. How will anyone dare to volunteer himself to help the law enforcing machinery.

A robbery was committed in one of my bank branches. All the present staff members were made government witnesses. All had the same oral complaints that they did not receive any summons or bail able warrants. The Police informed them that non bail able warrants against them had been issued by the court.  However since this issue involved many staff members so the Police was lenient, they just advised them to testify in the court and get their non bail able warrants withdrawn.
Once a Magistrate in Gujrat issued warrants, in a false and fabricated case, against the then honourable Chief Justice of India, Justice V.N.Khare and the then honourable President Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

 Should there not be a grievance redressal system in the courts also to fix respnsibility on delinquent employees and punish them?
Recently The honourable Mr Justice P.Sathasivam, the Chief Justice of India  expressed concern over the steady decline of reputation of Judiciary and legal profession while addressing Judges, Advocates and other eminent persons in Chennai.

Now it is high time that something concrete is done to address the issue.


  1. The constitution guarantees our freedom provided we are abide by the law. We try short cuts, which is making the system non-transparent. IIndly the entire law books & decisions are quite lengthy with a no. of proviso, honourable Chief Justice of India must give suitable guidelines in plain terms.

  2. Sir, the real problem is that the procedure to obtain justice is too much time taking, there needs to be simplification. A public greivance redressal machinery is working at almost all the offices to hear public greivance and punish erring staff. Should such geivance redressal machinery not be made in courts also?