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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My experience endorses the famous Urdu proverb,” Bhole-Bhale Chehre wale, hote hain Qaatil bhee.” (Innocent looking faces are murderers also.) 

Swindlers and con men often feign innocence to win your confidence. They look too much innocent. They appreciate your good qualities. They show too much regard for you. You start thinking that this fellow is really nice. You start believing them & become careless.  Then they dupe you and become traceless.

When someone is ever ready to help you; when someone is too much appreciative of your good qualities; when someone is showing too much regard for you; when someone is looking too much innocent, be extra vigilant, he may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 
Now a day’s wolves are enrolling ladies in their gangs to exploit the general belief that persons with family can be relied upon surely. Real looking wolves scare us and make us cautious; wolves in sheep’s clothing often succeed in duping us. All nasha khurani Group and ATM fraud criminals approach their victims in sheep’s clothing. First they earn confidence then they loot.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Ancient kings built impregnable forts around their kingdoms. They made tall & strong walls so that the fiery darts of enemies became ineffective by crashing against them. The tough and trained guards defended the fort attentively, round the clock. They, promptly, attacked the enemy with full force.

Similarly, we need to build an impregnable fort around our minds, to protect it from the continuous attack of negative thoughts. We must read motivational & religious literature apart from associating with positive thinking people to build high & fortified walls of positive thoughts so that fiery darts of doubt & negativity become ineffective by crashing against them. We should be continuously vigilant against the devil that always attacks our minds with negative thoughts.Negative thoughts must be promptly torpedoed and bombarded by positive slogans.
 Many theists continuously repeat to themselves,” Dear God, You are almighty. I firmly believe that you will solve all my problems in due course.” This prayer helps them in maintaining their composure in rainy days.
I have made following super positive slogans to overpower the attack of negative thoughts. 
1.   Be a mighty bridge and practice to encash present opportunities only.
2. Meera me piya, vish ka pyala, vish ko Amrit kar dala. ( Meera, the great devotee of Lord Krishna sipped poison and turned it into nectar.

3. For every ailment under the sun, there is a remedy, or there is none. If there is one, try to find it, if there is none never mind it.
4. Be a burning candle and burn all the rotten thoughts.  
5. What happens, beautifully happens.

 While repeating these slogans, I use anchoring by gently touching one fingertip, reserved for each slogan. When I am busy talking to somebody and can't repeat slogans, I just hit the fingerpoint reserved for a particular slogan; my mind reflexively starts repeating the slogan. 
 Everybody uses some anchor. Have you seen old pictures of a happy occasion in your family? Did you notice that your mind automatically started recalling all the related happy events and, you suddenly started feeling elated?