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Monday, June 30, 2014


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Oprah Winfrey

Once the great warrior Arjun became 
Furious with Dharmraj Yudhishthira and vowed to kill him. Lord Shri Krishna arrived within no time and made Arjun realize his mistake. However, Arjun became upset since his pledge was unfulfilled. Lord Shri Krishna, then, suggested," Criticizing your elders is just like killing them; so criticize your eldest brother to fulfill your pledge." Arjun, therefore, criticized Yudhishthir reluctantly.
Now the great warrior was full of self-reproach and decided to take his life for criticizing his God like the eldest brother. Shri Krishna again came to his rescue and  suggested," Self-admiration is like suicide so appreciate yourself."

 Such was the stigma attached to self-praise from time immemorial.
But now the values have changed, big multinational companies self-praise themselves by giving full page advertisements in the name of marketing.  The great leaders and political parties invest vast sums on image building.

It is high time to glorify our good qualities discreetly and also motivate others to appreciate us so that the world knows about our true capabilities. An efficient and priceless way to motivate others for our image building is to commend their excellent qualities liberally.

Monday, June 23, 2014


  My friend Praveen Jee was going to office by his bike.   A man riding his bicycle came at once before the bike from a by lane. In a desperate attempt to save him, Pravin Jee dashed his bike against an iron gate and fell. He sustained enough injuries to be confined to bed for three days.        
Once I was going to Bairiya Bus Stand, Muzaffarpur via Sutapatti. The road of Sutapatti consists of many by-lanes. A small lovely girl riding on her trendy bicycle came at once from a by lane and dashed against my bike in the center.Everything happened in a fraction of the second, so I lost balance and fell on the ground. The girl also fell. The nearby people rushed and helped us. Fortunately, none of us was injured since the bike was dead slow. 
I learned my lesson after that unfortunate incident. I avoid roads which consist of numerous by lanes. I prefer to travel on main roads. I remain extra cautious and use horn discreetly while driving in residential areas since there are lots of by lanes.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Where there's a will, there's a way.

My one bosom friend Shri Shankar Pandey was Senior Manager at Punjab National Bank, Gopalganj in 2009. I was then Senior Manager of BO Pankaj Market, Muzaffarpur. We were expecting Rs 5 Crores from a Government Department.The BO Gopalganj was to get around 1.5 Crore out of that fund. Shri Pandey was lagging behind Rs. 1 Crore from his annual deposit target. He almost twice telephoned me to know about the fund. He also used to discuss his efforts to garner Rs. One crore from other sources also.
 I admonished him caringly,” Why are you contacting various departments restlessly to garner one crore when I shall surely remit you Rs. One crore fifty lacs." He immediately retorted," Uttam Babu, I have never missed my deposit target. So I am working on plan 'B' too." 

I was very much impressed by his hunger after targets. Once he managed to get one cheque of Rs. 107 Crores from the education department Siwan. He was also joint secretary of our officers' association AIPNBOA. He made our organization robust during his tenure. He is also a human man and helps his friends and neighbors in need. 

 His better half Dr. Sushila Pandey, the ex-principal of an Inter College, received prestigious President Award in 2010. Both are very hard working, and the whole family is addicted to success.
Heather Bresch rightly said," There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success."

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Don't wait. The time will never be just right.
Napoleon Hill.

Recently I attended a marriage ceremony. The wedding party was late. So I invested the waiting time in reading a few chapters of" Alice in the Wonderland." 
'The Mad Tea Party' was entertaining as well as instructive. This chapter highlights the importance of time.

You might be cursing me because without doing any great deed, I often quote myself in my motivational blogs.

 Great people are too busy to write motivational articles. So this work is left for those who write motivational articles by observing them. Some motivational writers are great by deeds also. Others achieve greatness by writing motivational articles. 
 I, too, have a modest target of becoming nationally and internationally known figure from my writings and deeds.

I was brought up in a family of six brothers and one sister. My father suffered from throat cancer. So you may well guess how things might have been moving in my big family. I tutored some children to support ourselves.

Fortunately, my one student, Shri Sant Sharan was awarded a national scholarship. Therefore, I was in massive demand to teach children. Most of my prime time was consumed in tutoring. So I tore off the pages of a grammar book "How to Write Correct English." I carried a few pages with me and crammed rules of grammar while commuting. I used to commute 40 KMs to attend college. I used commuting time also to remember molecular formulae of chemistry etc.
 Once I saw a group of my friends talking, I approached them; one of them exclaimed," Look, the half mind is coming." I gave them a puzzled looked. They asked me," Why I look time and again at my register while walking." I showed them one torn page of the grammar book.

I used fractions of time in getting through many examinations with flying colors including all India Probationary Officers' recruitment test.

Nelson Mandela rightly said," We must use time wisely and forever realize that time is always ripe to do right."

Sunday, June 8, 2014



 If we start our project in a well-planned way with cent percent enthusiasm, we remain well ahead of our competitors, but please recall the traditional Rabbit-Tortoise fable; the rabbit started well and was much ahead of the tortoise, but became complacent enough to take a nap. Slowly but steadily marching turtle ultimately won the race.
 The life must have been going at a slow pace when this fable was told, but now the need of the hour is, be fast and steady both.

The smart and fast rabbit began well but later on became complacent and faced the ignominious defeat in the hands of the slow but steady turtle. So beginning well is not enough.

 A famous architect once claimed," We are not at all complacent after beginning well but diligently ensure keeping every brick correctly to give the building the most fantastic look."

Therefore we must work diligently through thick and thin on the pathway from "Well begun is half done" to "All is well that ends well."

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Why were we so happy in the childhood?
The children have the capability of making merry in almost all situations.
 They have an immense capacity to forget and forgive. Slap your kid or chide him, he may weep for a few minutes and will start playing with you as if nothing happened.
 A child becomes happy with one paper boat; a grown up soon starts hankering after another ship, as soon as he gets one.
 A child lives in the present; a grown up carries a huge load of all past mishaps and future apprehensions.
Let us forget our troubles for a few seconds and go back to our childhood with two beautiful dancing dolls.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Presanction appraisal is a vast and delicate subject, but all the bankers invariably assess one crucial thing i.e. the man behind the project.

A prospective borrower said,"He has an ultra modern house worth Rs. One crore to offer as a mortgage for Rs. 80 lac loan." I visited his home. It was centrally air conditioned, and many modern amenities were installed there. He told me that he would soon make a private movie theater in the house, but I was not impressed at all since he was a bachelor and had spent a huge amount to live alone. It showed his tendency of extravagance.

 Moreover, the modern amenities will depreciate to zero in a few years. We only value those assets which go on appreciating. Therefore, modern amenities costing Rs. Twenty Lacs were worthless from a banker's point of view.

We prefer a person with a tight fist, so that any money going into his fist, finds it tough in getting out.

 Bankers also ask many documents such as the balance sheet, PL account, title deed's photocopy, etc. I value that person who submits necessary papers promptly since an energetic person will complete his projects in time also with same promptness.  
The moral character of a person also carries heavy weight before us.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


The powerful word 'Diligent'  means hardworking as well as careful. Working hard like laborers is not enough. One is supposed to work hard carefully as well as intelligently.
Dr. Pandit Palande, the Vice Chancellor, Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University

Working diligently with an iron willpower appears to be a sole motto of  Dr. Pandit Palande, the vice chancellor of Bhim Rao Ambedkar Bihar University. 
He took charge of the university a few months ago. He starts working in the morning and works till late night. He works on Sundays and holidays also.
During his short tenure, he made surprise visits to many colleges and PG departments to improve education culture. He got vacated all the university hostels after receiving complaints about unsocial elements residing there clandestinely and allotted rooms to genuine and bonafide students.
 He is also very thorough in details. We, on behalf of our esteemed Punjab National Bank, were installing water coolers in 7 hostels under corporate social responsibility. Despite his busy schedule, he asked for the catalog of water coolers and discussed different models threadbare. 
Theories remain theories, as long as we don't put them in practice. The leaders of society are practicing them and reaping stupendous results in different fields.
Jeromy Shingongo rightly said," When you diligently do what you are good at, success will always come your way."


I had a fad for opening bank accounts in my student life. The minimum amount required for opening a saving account was just five bucks. I opened accounts in all two banks and the post office in Mehsi. I kept all my passbooks together and showed them with pride.
 When I got a job in Punjab National Bank, I got out of touch with banks and the post office in Mehsi. Slowly my accounts became inoperative, and the amount lying in them was forfeited.
Even now I have a hobby of opening emotional accounts with the persons I meet. 
 These heart-warming accounts are like overdrafts of banks. They can be either in debit balance or in credit balance.
 When I appreciate my friend and support him in his excellent works or sympathize with him in his hardships, a good number of emotional currency got credited to his heart's account for me. When I criticize someone, ask a favor or give some burden on my friend, my account balance of emotional currency in his heart account got debited. 

The formula of becoming rich is same in all endeavors- Accumulate and preserve as much as possible. So admire superior virtues of your friends, support them in their noble causes, and always appear first to wipe their tears away. Never forget to ask about their welfare off and on.
 You will be amassing huge emotional currency in their heart's accounts. The great leaders like Mr. Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin know the art of depositing a large number of emotional currencies in the hearts of masses.
The good news is that we don't need any capital to start becoming a multi billionaire in emotional currency.  We neither need to pay any tax on it. We may start just now and start amassing an enormous wealth of emotional currency.
 A multi-billionaire in emotional currency may start getting other things like real money, a grand success, etc. effortlessly.