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Thursday, December 20, 2012


  Ask and It shall be given to you; Seek and You shall find; Knock & it shall be opened to you. -- Saint Matthew

 Even an infant does not get milk, unless and until it asks its mother by gestures.

Ask yourself what do you want from your life? Only you can give yourself the "Best and choicest things."  Others will present you just peanuts. Therefore, you must ask yourself in detail, what do you want from your life and don't forget to prepare the list of things, you are ready to sacrifice since everything nice has its price and there is no gain without pain.
 If you want to top in your university exams, you must sacrifice many comforts of life. 
If you want an increase in pay, ask your employer courteously and expectantly and also explain why you deserve a raise and how much useful are your contributions to the company?
If you are spearheading a social cause, ask like minded persons for support with all courtesy and expectations.

If you want a bargain price, ask the seller for it.
 If you want the attention of the society, ask for it by making some remarkable contribution to the community.
 Even the Prime Ministers and Presidents have to ask for votes.
Never feel shy about asking. Asking is the key to getting things in life, whether small or big. 
Ask firmly; make others feel you are serious about your demand. 
Ask politely and courteously so that the ego of the other person is not hurt.
 Ask tactfully, expectantly and persuasively so that you smoothly get what you ask.

 Asking is a fine art. The more you practice, the more proficient you become.  HAPPY ASKING. ALL THE BEST.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


 Sticking to your decision during execution hours is a 5 in 1 formula to eliminate procrastination, obviate indecision and save lots of time, trouble & money.
 The human mind has a peculiar trait of hoodwinking itself for remaining in a comfort zone. Procrastination does this trick and keeps us in our comfort zones. The only antidote to this treacherous demon is starting work at the pre-scheduled time without hesitating at all.
 If someone resolves to get up at 5 A.M. and go for a walk; his mind starts searching for many justifiable alibis for not executing the earlier decision when the alarm rings.
 My one prompt friend leaves his bed immediately as soon as the bell rings & proceeds for the brisk walk leaving no room for procrastination. Start executing your rational decisions steadfastly; procrastination will evaporate like petrol.

Indecision also meets the same fate accomplish. It is true that no decision is perfect and none is one hundred percent self-confident. Therefore, many falter in executing previously taken well-thought decisions. The antidote to this problem is to implement your wise decisions in time. The result is good in most of the cases.
Many persons visit a shopping mall with their diligently prepared buying list but purchase something appealing impulsively, later on, to find that the impulsive purchase upset their many months budget.
 Many persons purchase shares on broker's recommendation without giving a second thought. I also did this foolishness once.
 On one beautiful morning, a broker called me and informed that one particular company has got the large real estate, and value of its share will double in a few days. The stock was trading dirt cheap since company's cars had lost interest from customers. I ordered 500 shares and sold them in a few weeks at half of my purchase price.
Share brokers are not alone; lots of persons are ready to sell you many things at throw away prices provided you pay immediately without giving any thought, but, later on, you feel duped in most of the cases.
Therefore remember the Golden Rule," Stick to your well-thought decisions during execution hours; don't act impulsively. 
This golden rule will make you happier, wealthier and more successful than others.



“Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt.” - Benjamin Franklin.

The debt trap is one of the root causes of the lethal depression. Thousands of innocent persons commit suicide after being badly tortured by their heartless and cruel creditors. Debt Trap is a situation where one has to borrow fresh money to repay his current debt but his debt obligations go on increasing day by day. This is the most painful situation. The victim spends sleepless nights & restless days. Many of them embrace the cold and cruel death to evade their ruthless creditors.

The billion dollar question is how one can pre-empt debt trap or get rid of it to lead a tension free life? First, let's diagnose the severity of the problem by drawing a simple balance sheet. 
Please take one piece of   paper and draw a vertical line in the middle. Please write liabilities on the left side and assets with their market value on the right side. This is a simplified balance sheet and we will not go in pure accounting standard.
               LIABILITIES                                                             ASSETS
Consumption Loans                                                                Demanding Assets:
a) Such loans that are used to finance consumables and         a) Such assets which always ask cash e.g.
e.g. luxuries                                                                                 Your car, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc
credit card loan, car loan, house decoration loan etc.,

Development Loans.                                                             Contributing Assets.
a) House Loan, Education Loan for studies in good              b) Such assets which give you passive         
    Institutions where getting knowledge will help in earning       income in the shape of rent, interest etc e.g.     
    More.                                                                                   Fixed deposits, shares, bonds.            Now add the value of your assets and liabilities. Your total assets - Your total liabilities is your net worth. Now please concentrate on
 1. Increasing your total assets every month with special attention to increasing your contributing assets.
 2. Decreasing your total liabilities every month with special attention to decrease your consumption loans.
 Ideally, one should not have any credit card loan or other consumer durable or personal loan. There remains no collateral security to secure these loans. Banks try to recover these loans within a short span of time, therefore, their loan repayment instalments and interest rates are kept high.  Moreover, consumer durables such as air conditioners, refrigerators, cars etc, consume your hard earned money continuously on their maintenance. Thus, they become big reasons to put persons in a debt trap.
If you are already in a debt trap, please analyse your income and expenditure details and curtail avoidable expenditure. Please involve all the family members in this exercise. They must know how bad the situation is? Their suggestions will not only generate synergy but they will also refrain themselves from demanding unavoidable things. Before demanding costly  things, my son always asks, "Can Papa's budget accommodate it?"
 Thus, you will be able to save some money. Use this money to repay your credit card loans and other high-interest loans .Please keep your family members abreast of the improving situation. They will become involved in the process and will discover more ways to cut avoidable expenditure. You may also contact your bank to convert your credit card loans into personal loans. 
You can't extinguish the fire if you don't restrict it. Simultaneously to cut the debt trap you must immediately stop availing fresh loans. However, you may explore a possibility of converting high- interest loans into low-interest loans. Also, use a little self-control and willpower to start liquidating highest interest paying loans by curtailing avoidable expenditure.
 After liquidating all loans one by one, start using your savings for obtaining contributing assets. Your contributing assets are like your good sons. They will continue to contribute to your income even after your retirement and make you stand upright with dignity and self-respect.

 Please also read my another article "SAVE,SAVE & INVEST MONEY." which is both useful and interesting. Please don’t wait for any auspicious day, start today itself, "Well Begun is Half Done". 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The number of centenarians is growing rapidly in the world. We can also enjoy 100 years with good health, big heart, and ample wealth. Regular physical exercises, playing mental games, taking controlled, balanced, healthy diet and positive thinking is the simple requirements to achieve this feat.

Noted Actress Mrs. Zora Sehgal turns 100 on 27-04-2012

Today I met Shri Jagdish Sharma, father of my friend Shri Devanand Sharma. He is 82 years old without any major problem. Uncle told that his one relative Shri Chuman Thakur was 106 years old and his aunt was 96 years old. Shri Jagdish Sharma also expects to hit 100 years healthy, hearty and wealthy.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


 “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Benjamin Franklin.

 You don't become rich from what you earn; you become rich from your savings and investments. Every Rupee saved or invested becomes your best servant, it continuously works day and night to give you passive income in the shape of interest, rent dividend, etc. Therefore, start saving soon and ploughing back the revenue generated from your savings/investments to enjoy the compounding effects which is the greatest wonders of the world.

 If you deposit Rs 5000 p.m. for 30 years, it will grow to Rs. 90, 95,093 & may give you more than 67,000 p.m. for the whole life if invested in fixed deposit at the same rate. The beauty of the scheme is that your legal heirs will inherit the original Rs. 90, 95,093 and give your soul tons of blessings.
 Many will ask," How can I save from my small income which is barely sufficient to meet my necessities?
Your necessities are your creation. You may curtail them. But your income is not in your hands. You can't increase it at your sweet will. A part-time sweeper of our Majahaulia branch was saving so much that many full-time employees used to borrow from him.
 When you look downstairs, you will find that many persons are managing themselves well with much lesser income. Therefore, stop making the fuss about your small income and start saving 25% of your income from the very beginning. Make up your mind firmly to make both ends meet with 75% of your income. Gradually you will accumulate enormous wealth. Then you will be in a position to enjoy lavishly with 75% of all your active and passive income.
Many persons commit the mistake of treating their car, motorcycle or freeze purchase as savings. But they are not savings; they are expenditure since their value becomes zero with the passage of time. Hence plan to buy these comforts of life within 75% of your income.
You may reserve 25% of your income for consumer durables, and use the remaining 50% for other expenses.
  Your habit of saving will also take care of your mental health and will help keep depression away since most of our worries are due to our financial problems. We often wonder what will happen if our job is gone or if we are no more. These thoughts make us depressed.
Allocation of your savings into different assets such as in fixed deposit, insurance, mutual funds, equities, etc. is also important, but this is a very tricky task. It will be better to take help of a financial planner for this task.
 However, one may keep his six months income in saving funds or fixed deposits so that he can live up to six months with his present lifestyle even if his source of income stops abruptly. One may also get insurance cover worth ten or twelve times of his annual income so that his family members could enjoy the same lifestyle even after his unfortunate demise. You may allocate according to other requirements which may differ from person to person.

Many employers such as banks etc., offer their employees easy loans since they quickly recover the instalments of the loan from their salary. Please don't fall prey to easy loans for consumption purposes if you cannot pay instalments from seventy percent of your income.
Every rupee borrowed becomes your master and sucks your blood in the guise of interest even when you are sleeping. But loans may be availed for productive purposes where capital appreciation is more than the interest paid. 
Persons with great desires have small pockets. Therefore, practice to manage your wishes within seventy-five percent of your income.
 None, not even Kings, and Emperors could fulfill all their wishes.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


  I called on my brother-in-law once around 9 P.M. I was very exhausted, so I slumbered soon after having the dinner. My brother-in-law was disappointed, so he complained the next morning about my not talking at all. Therefore I spared one hour to talk with him about our family members, our profession, and other topics. I also asked about some common diseases. My doctor brother-in-law happily enhanced my general knowledge.

There is one Hindi idiom," Aam ke aam aur Guthli ke Daam" which exhorts making a double profit from a situation. 
When we ask our friends about their expertise, they happily tell lots of things. You just need to be a good listener to enhance your knowledge. Moreover, your friend may also appreciate you for your nice talking skills. The world’s famous author Dale Carnegie, in his bestselling book, "HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE," wrote, “He got much appreciation in a social gathering for his excellent talking skills; however, he did hardly talk except encouraging his botanist friend to talk more about his expertise.

 Students may also use this method for preparation for exams by making a group of diligent and bright friends. They may discuss relevant topics of the syllabus when they gather at any place. Thus, their eyes get rest, but their mind will enhance the knowledge.  So start getting fun along with improving your knowledge. All the best.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Be a burning Candle if you cannot be Sun just now, at least, you can give light to a few persons.

Be a burning Candle and expand more and more light in all directions.
Be a burning Candle and light other candles, thus, you can become a source of infinite light.
Be a burning Candle and burn all the rotten thoughts.

Be a burning Candle and help other candles to burn because sharing, caring and helping others make our lives meaningful and we also get help from unknown sources when we are in need.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


You must be wondering I am talking about what nonsense? However, it is painfully true that we often hoodwink ourselves. Many of us harm ourselves much more than what our worst enemies can do.
 A drug, alcohol or nicotine addict inflicts upon himself deadly diseases such as liver cirrhosis, cancer, etc.

   Even Smugglers and criminals practice honesty very meticulously in their Profession. Dishonest crooks are mercilessly annihilated in crime syndicates.
 Who would like to keep a black sheep in his company?
 The companies like TATA, Maruti, Microsoft, who honestly give maximum value to their customers for the minimum possible price, are thriving by leaps and bound.
 Thus, honesty rules high in this world, being widely perceived as dishonest.
Everybody must completely and continuously be honest both with himself and with others. If someone becomes dishonest with others, the society mocks at the crook, but if someone is dishonest with himself, life ridicules him, and he will never make his dreams true.
It is high time that we honestly fulfill all those promises that we make to ourselves. However, we must be selective in making promises. The commitments must be so demanding that we make extra efforts to fulfill them but impossible resolutions like reaching on the moon in one hour, serve no purpose but lower our morals. 
 Grenville Kleiser rightly told," By constant Self Discipline and Self Control One can develop greatness of character."
 Let's start to fly high in the sky of super success with the strong wings of Self Discipline & Self Control. Amen.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Dear Lord, Lots of thanks, I am Alive today.
  Today is the Golden Opportunity to make my dreams real.
 Today I shall skilfully exploit all my resources (including fractions of time) with a sense of urgency & calm nerves to reach my goals.
 Today I shall contribute my best & put more efforts in all my endeavors.
 My presence today will mark a visible positive difference.
Today I shall take nothing for granted & work more diligently in a planned way with calm nerves.
Today I shall become a DO-IT-NOW person.
 Today I shall continue to march towards my short term, medium term & LIFE GOALS. 
I shall always maintain my composure today. I shall speak kind words & shower love, regard, affection & good will everywhere.

 I shall not restrict my creativity today by brooding on the past mishaps, future apprehensions or by involving in useless quarrels or pastimes nor shall I squander my mental energy by building castles in the air.  I shall use my mental energy today only for productive tasks and practice handling present opportunities only like a mighty bridge.

Dear God, You have high hopes from me today. I shall contribute my best to fulfill your expectations. My presence will mark a visible positive difference today. I shall march towards Excellent Achievements Today.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


  Saints have been chanting holy mantras repeatedly, religiously and forcefully since olden days for acquiring divine powers.
 Striking employees shout slogans repeatedly and forcefully to get energized & highly motivated.
 In Jeffrey Archer's famous novel,” The Prodigal Daughter," Florentyna Kane used to continuously chant to her," I SHALL BECOME PRESIDENT." Eventually, she became the President of USA.

  Make a slogan of your goals.
 If you aspire to become super rich, chant," I SHALL BECOME A BILLIONAIRE." forcefully and continuously. Please make your G-Mail or Facebook password isbb$30.  Thus whenever you punch the password, your subconscious mind will be reminded about your LIFE GOAL. The slogan will be fast embedded gradually in your subconscious mind by continuous forceful chantings. Consequently, your mind start searching many ways to become a billionaire and you will find many opportunities to fulfill your dreams.
 It is proved time and again that our subconscious mind has infinite powers. Once something is picked up steadfastly by the subconscious mind, miracles happen. Divine and unknown forces make impossible looking things possible.
 The Beauty of this exercise is that we remember our passwords very quickly since they are first alphabets of our slogan. But for others they are meaningless.
   Children are named after Gods or Goddesses since it is believed from time immemorial that while calling names of their children repeatedly, the devotees also call their Gods and Goddesses and get their blessings. Therefore we are advocating something which is being practiced profitably since time immemorial.

Sharing your life goals with others and associating with like minded positive people multiplies the effects. Florentina Kane declared openly that she wanted to become the President of the USA. Therefore, don't forget to tell others about your life goals. Some persons may scorn at you, but many will be ready to help you on the win-win basis.

 Young Saints stayed together in Gurukuls under the guidance of Old Saints. Please associate with experienced and highly successful people in your field and get their advice for achieving grand success. Many highly successful individuals are ready to share their secrets of achievement through their books. You will find interviews with others on television or in newspapers.

Take up the gauntlet and start with full force. Well begun is half done and nothing succeeds like success.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Fortune favours those who Analyze all data Diligently, Decide Promptly, Dare Courageously & Act Expeditiously. Let's say good-bye to indecision as well as laziness to become a dynamic do-it-now person for today, for tomorrow & for every day.

The world may show kindness to the weak but it salutes only the brave and industrious. Let's strive harder to make our family, our institutions, our country and our world a better place to live.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Show a thought, reap an act. Show an Act Reap a Habit. Show a Habit Reap a Character.  Show a Character Reap Your Destiny.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.
Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.
Thomas Jefferson.

Add glitter to the gold by making hand movements while walking.

Good Health is Real Wealth.
 Only a healthy person can enjoy the blessings of the Mother Earth. A blind can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery. A deaf can’t enjoy melodious symphonies. A hapless man sans tongue can’t enjoy tasty and yummy foods.
 Even thousand tons gold and diamonds can’t make a bed-ridden person happy. Do mental & physical exercises daily to keep yourself healthy, hearty and agile.

 Do take care of Your Body & Mind Well to make your DREAMS real.
 None can achieve stupendous SUCCESS with fragile health & tense mind.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

 The soft as well as sweet words, impress people immensely and open the gateway of long lasting friendship. The larger the number of friends, the greater becomes our success; this is why all super successful persons are expert in speaking sweet and soft words. An old Chinese proverb too, exhorts," He who treads softly goes far away."
The Sweet and Soft words are so powerful that even bluffers and cheaters mesmerize their victims for a short while, but enduring SUCCESS comes only to those who speak kind words as well as work honestly on the WIN-WIN basis.
 When people believe that you speak kind words along with delivery of cherishable results; they don't only become your real fans but also work wholeheartedly for the realization of your dreams. Naturally, you become super successful, and all your dreams come true.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012


 Dear God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.                                                             Depression is a Hidden Enemy, a RuthlessTormentor, and a Treacherous Killer. It tortures its victim relentlessly till rigor mortis. Knock this deadly demon down before it tightens its grip around your brains.
  Stretching exercises, Brisk Walking, and Reading motivational or religious literature help in killing as well as Pre-emptying Depression.
Theists are less prone to depression they gladly accept whatever God bestows upon them.
Talking about past pleasant moments and re-living them wards off depression. This is why wise persons share photographs of happy moments.
 Discard things which remind you of mishaps to make you gloomy.
Religiously repeating and practicing some age old proverbs will help you in killing the deadly demon in the womb,"
(1) For every ailment under the Sun, there is a remedy, or there is none. If there is one try to find it, if there is none, never mind it."
2. Never cry over spilt milk.
3. Don't cross your bridges before you reach them."
Jim Rohn said, “Learn How to Be Happy with What You Have While Pursuing All That You Want."
Start practicing wisdom given in the age old proverbs by repeating them religiously so that they are inculcated over your subconscious mind indelibly.
 If someone is suffering from depression, despite all precautions, he must share his feelings with nears and dears since an exposed enemy becomes less dangerous.
 Moreover, a strong cohesive group comes into existence to fight this deadly dragon. In acute & severe cases one must take medical help. Depression is 100% curable; we just need to expose it promptly.
 The victim of this dreaded demon needs lots of sympathy & understanding.
Now is the time to act, recall a joke that made you laugh; share it with your friends in a dramatic way and laugh together. Your this act will lighten yours as well as your friends' minds and hearts.

 A depressed person may also write to me about his problems on for a free nonmedical advice by words and suggestions sans any liability.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012