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Sunday, June 28, 2015


Once I decided to impress my better half, and I asked her to mention any date from the calendar of 2014. Madam spoke a few dates; I promptly told the related days. She was much impressed. I, then, suggested her to read my article," Remember Calendar of 3 years."

 One Sunday, I was going to association office in haste. Madam was chatting with her friend. She suddenly asked me on which day the 17th September 2015 falls. I was preoccupied to reach association office in time. Therefore I had two options.

 I would have politely told her that this calculation will take a little time, and I have to reach office in time. So I shall give the test later on. Alternatively, I would have calculated it coolly.

 The Key for September 17, 2015, is 1. So by adding 17 and one we get 18 and by dividing 18 by 7, we get remainder 4. So the day is Thursday. But I calculated wrongly in haste and replied,"Friday."
I left for association office hurriedly. However, I realized my mistake within few minutes on my way.
Later on, I told Madam about the error. She was deeply disappointed since all this happened before her friend.
The habit of doing things perfectly saves our time and keeps us tension free since we don't have the discomfort of doing it again with a self-reproach. 
Following age old proverbs also testify my contention.
जल्दीबाजी  का  काम  शैतान  का 

Saturday, June 20, 2015


There are many shortcuts to failure, but there are no shortcuts to true success.
--- Orrin Woodward
Shortcuts make long delays.
--- J.R.R. Tolkien.
We all naturally want to become successful. We also want to take shortcuts. And it's easy to do so, but we can never take away the effort of hard work and discipline and sacrifice.
--- Apolo Ohno.
Champions know there are no shortcuts to the top. They climb the mountain one step at a time. They have no use of helicopters!
--- Judi Adler.
God didn't adopt shortcuts while creating this beautiful world. He created mouth-watering fruits, beautiful scenery, large oceans, breathtaking mountains, kind and compassionate human beings.
Attribution: By Daniel Schwen (Own work)[CC BY SA 4.0 (http//

   All the beautiful creation by human beings such as Tajmahal, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Statue of Liberty etc are result of careful hard work with unbelievable patience and perseverance.
 We must avoid shortcuts at all places.
  Diligence, patience and perseverance is always followed by stupendous and long lasting success.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


 Five years ago I was at Patna Railway Station where I saw a large number of posters exhorting passengers not to consume anything from unknown persons.

I purchased a ticket for an express train for Mughalsarai but had to board a local train since there was too much rush in general compartments of express trains.

The local became very late due to frequent overtaking by express trains. I ran out of water at a small station where the train stopped for more than half hour since two express trains overtook us in continuation. I became very thirsty and decided to drink water from the hand pipe. But Alas! All the hand pipes at the station were dry. I was restlessly searching for water. One Dhoti clad dark complexioned man, in his fifties, offered to help me. He fetched water in my pot from a 200-meter distant place. I was about to drink water out of severe thirst. Then incidentally my eyes glanced at a poster exhorting to be aware of Nashakhurani gangs.
My sixth sense got alert at once, and I just touched the pot with my lips but only feigned to take water. The impostor of Santa Clause had suspicious body language. He went out of the compartment for a short while; I took advantage of this opportunity and changed the compartment. The black sheep came searching for me restlessly within ten minutes and asked,” Sahab, why have you changed compartment?” I made some lame excuses; the thug was astonished to see me in senses and departed in a flustered state.

Indeed, the large numbers of posters, making public aware of Nashakhurani gangs saved me and I reached Mugalsarai safe after completing the journey of 212 Kilometers in ten hours.

Wise men exhort writing our goals and pasting it at a conspicuous place (e.g. mirror). This shows our unflinching commitment towards our goals and also stalls our minds from forgetting them. Try it for reaping a good harvest.

Monday, June 8, 2015


I was with my elder son for ten days in Bangalore. We went to Pondicherry and enjoyed the clean and beautiful city. He took all cares of his mother and me.

I remembered his childhood days. How I used to punish him due to my frustrations and depressions earned in office. I was thinking with self-reproach,” Was it proper to punish a small child on a little pretext to ventilate frustrations of my workplace?”

In another incident, one of my close relatives called on us with his family members a few months ago. He has two beautiful sweet children. He was lovingly teasing them,” We will leave you at this place.” His two years old younger daughter was taking his teasings right. The poor girl was totally nervous, and she desperately hugged her mother tightly. I intervened finally and lovingly forbade him not to tease children.
At another place, a grown up was entertaining himself by abusing a small child. The child was retorting in the same language.
Is it proper to tease lovely children and give them psychological shocks just for the pastime? Is it proper to punish an innocent looking child on small pretexts because one is carrying loads of frustration, tiredness, and depression from his workplace?
 Is it not the greatest sin of this world?

Sunday, June 7, 2015


I was going to Pondicherry by Yashwant-Pondecherry express on May 29th, 2015. The train was scheduled to depart at 9 P.M. from Yashwantpur. We started by taxi at 7 P.M. from our residence at Sarjapur Road. Two hours appeared more than sufficient. My elder son Adwitiya was managing all affairs.
 There was a heavy traffic jam near KR Puram. I became a little concerned but Adwitiya consoled," Once we cross KR Puram, the road will be clear. But due to heavy rain in the evening all the bikers were riding on their cars so there was heavy traffic jam in the whole road. Finally we reached Yashwantpur Railway Station at 9.10 p.m. and found that the train had departed right time. We had to travel by Bus and incur additionally 2000 bucks. (It is another thing that I immediately curtailed expenditure of 2000 bucks elsewhere)

 Later on I found on the internet that the train’s first stoppage was Banaswadi (Bangluru) at 9.25 PM. Banaswadi is nearer to Sarjapur than Yashwantpur. So we could have easily boarded the train at Banaswadi and avoided inconvenience of bus journey in sitting position.
I was supposed to scan my future environment earlier. Had I searched on Google earlier about the train's route, I would have known about Banaswadi and would have saved my money and inconvenience.
 I usually walk around my locality to find what is where? If I meet any new person, I try to find about his background beforehand. I keep myself abreast of all the developments taking place in my environment.
 But I failed miserably here because I thought," I am old enough now and my son will take care of all the affairs." Mr C.S.Lewis rightly told," You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


  “Procrastination is the thief of time.”, The wise exhorted. 
 I too wrote an article," FINISH THE TASKS AT THE EARLIEST." and DRIVE PROCRASTINATION AND INDECISION AWAY FOREVER. But alas, I, too, became a victim of procrastination even then.

My mother was admitted, one by one, to three hospitals for the treatment of liver cancer, but Alas!  She succumbed at last.
 I was required to submit three medical claims which looked like a marathon task. 

I received all papers on the 13th April 2015. So I decided to finish it on the next Sunday, i.e., on April, 19th. But I was in a meeting on that day. So the next best day was chosen on the 26th April. Again I had some important work, so this work went on being procrastinated for more than one month altogether.
Once I was reading my article," INCH BY INCH, ANYTHING IS A CINCH." I decided to use this theory on the medical bills. I immediately opened the envelope, scanned the bills and segregated them hospital wise. I worked on them for half an hour. Next day, too, I spared around one hour to prepare the claims. Lo, the claims were ready for submission in mere three days.
We often procrastinate monotonous or tedious tasks for months and years altogether, but amazingly, we finish them soon after we start.
 Human beings are prone to forget. Therefore, I advocate reading good articles every day. Many devotees read religious books daily; they start re-reading them after coming to an end.
Start, therefore, inculcating good thoughts into healthy habits by repeatedly reading good articles every day from your lovely blog