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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Many times we refer the day of a particular date.  Make your brain a little nimble by using it to easily remember the calendar of three years. For doing this feat, remember monthly codes for the year 2017.
April & July 5.
January & October 6.
May 0.
August 1.
February, March, November 2.
June 3
September & December 4
Now if you want to know 8th, September 2017 is which date? Just add month code of September and the date i.e. 4 & 8. This comes 12. Now divide 12 by 7. The remainder is 5. So it is the 5th day of week i.e. Friday.
If you want to know the date of 8th September 2016 i.e. previous year. Subtract 1 from 5 which comes 4.  So it is the 4th day of week i.e. Thursday.
For knowing the date of 8th September 2018 i.e. next year add 1 to 5 which becomes 6. So it is the 7th day of week i.e. Thursday. 
Practice a little with current year's calendar to become proficient. 
There is a scientific method for calculating month code of any year.  You may get it free by asking on
Stop searching calendars, diaries or mobiles to know the day of a particular date in 3 years. 
Exercise your brain and tell the day. It will not only impress your friends but also help in keeping your mind agile.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Once I read in a newspaper that a drunken beast attempted to rape his daughter, the villagers saved the victim after hearing her shouts. Later on,  the ill-fated girl and her mother lodged a FIR with the Police.
 Newspapers often report such incidents where close relatives or friends are involved in such heinous crimes. So, don't leave your child alone with even a close relative.
Perpetrators of sexual assault on the children are often known to the child and trusted by his family

Everybody is not a rascal. None is out and out saint also. Both good and bad thoughts continuously flow in our mind. Even a good man may commit blunders if there is nobody to stop him. Moreover, such incidents are contagious like an epidemic. The small child does not understand what is right or wrong? He attempts to repeat nasty things with his juniors.
Since one can’t be present at every place to guard a small child; it will not be a bad idea to make him abreast of such threats. I hope child psychologists will take the challenge to design suitable strategies for this noble cause.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The following story immensely impressed me in 1982.
 Once two enthusiastic social workers called on a wealthy man to ask a big donation for building an ultra-modern hospital in America for the treatment of the downtrodden. The rich man was reading a book by lighting two bulbs. He switched off one bulb before starting his talk and explained,” We require less light for chatting."The social workers' hearts sank. They began to curse the moment they had decided to call on such a great miser. However, for the sake of etiquette, they hang on for a while.  In the meanwhile, one of them meekly revealed their real purpose of visit.
To the utter amazement of the visitors, the wealthy person handed over them a cheque of one million dollars. While accepting the grand donation, the visitors confessed how upset they were, when the wealthy man had switched off one bulb.
The elderly man lovingly retorted,” Sons, I have saved dimes by curtailing avoidable expenditure, that is why I have tons of money to donate to such a noble cause." 
My great grandfather Rai Sahab Bhulawan Lal lived a simple life and practiced," If it is necessary, make it short." He saved enough and with the help of like-minded persons, founded Tirhut high school, Mehsi.

Let us kick out the vices such as smoking, drinking, Pan chewing, etc. These vices don't only make holes in our pockets but also hit our health badly. Let's also cut all avoidable expenditure and save enough so that we could live happily until death and could leave an impressive legacy afterward.

Monday, February 17, 2014


 I had deep sympathy for diabetics for their life becomes black and white. There is no color in life without sweet chocolates, yummy cakes, mouth watering Ras Madhuris & delicious desserts.

I loved sweets terribly from my childhood. Therefore, my heart broke when my pathologist told that my fasting sugar level was 140 i.e. 30 points above the normal level.  The Doctor advised me to strictly avoid all sweet things. To add insult to the injury, my sister in law advised me to avoid salt also.
So I started taking Roasted Gram Sattu with water without salt or sugar. First I cursed my fate, and then I chanted," Jahi Vidhi Rakhe Ram, Tahi vidhi rahiye."(Live happily, the way God keeps you) and started sipping the tasteless solution. Incidentally, I liked the natural taste of roasted gram.
On seeing my first love, the yummy sweets, I now console myself," These sweets were dear to my heart once, but now they will take my life. Only a foolish will hug a friend turned foe, and only an idiot will pierce a sword made of pure gold into his stomach. So how sweet and yummy my life takers may be, I shall always abhor them like poison.
 I was taking Kachauris & pulses at a feast, my friend Chandan Kumar suggested me to take one piece of mutton. I took one small piece & exclaimed to myself.
Jitne bhee too karle Sitam,
Hans-hans ke sahenge Hum.
Sanam Teri Kasam. (We will keep laughing while bearing with your excesses, My darling.)

Slowly my tastes have changed, now I prefer sugarless tea to sweetened tea. If somebody gives me sweetened tea by mistake, I find it very difficult to sip it. I have lost interest in yummy sweets also.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


 Mock tests keep us fit to cope with real emergency situations.
 Sincere students do a lot of mock tests before entering the examination hall for true trials.
  Our troops do test firing so that they could hit targets correctly when war breaks out.

  Our security officer advised doing mock tests of fire extinguishers at the time of refilling it so that we could use it smoothly in an emergency.
 Once I realized the importance of mock tests near the busiest Gandhi Setu, I was going to Patna to attend a reception party. The left front tire of the car went flat just ahead of the Gandhi Setu in Agamkuan. I was accompanied by two 60 years, old friends. We were nervous to see the flat tire. We searched a mechanic but could find none. So I decided to change the flat tire myself. I took out jack and put it under the car. I had not changed any flat tire since 2001. So I put the jack upside down. When I took out the flat tire, the Jack became unbalanced. Shri B.K.Shrivastav immediately lifted a big piece of rock and put it under the car's hood while Shri Anil Singh was trying to lift the vehicle. But our efforts were futile; we were thoroughly exhausted. At once  I saw three young men on the road. I requested them for help. They came and lifted the car for a few minutes while chanting, “Allah O Akbar." I could not even fit the extra wheel due to darkness as well as unpreparedness. One young man took the Stepney from my hands and installed it within minutes. They asked," Uncle, do you need anything more." I replied in the negative while thanking them and God for sending angels to help us. I also took a vow to do mock tests regularly for anticipated emergency situations.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


When you receive your PAN, please register it immediately at; otherwise, your Chartered Accountant or Income Tax Advocate may register it on your behalf. 
 Presently the income tax department allows one mobile number in four PANs, earlier it was ten PANs. So unscrupulous persons are putting their own mobile number in their client's PAN registration and keeping his password secret from their clients to force the clients to hire them for filing tax returns for which they are charging a good sum.

I faced similar problem. I needed my password for e-filing my income tax return. When I visited the site and tried to register my PAN there. I was informed that my PAN was already registered. I tried to recover my password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" Link. I was asked to reply answer of a secret question. I did not know the answer since my PAN was already registered  by someone else without my knowledge.(It is a travesty that anyone can register your PAN on the e-filing site by just giving information available on your PAN card. Now- a-days photo copy of PAN is required at many places.) I didn’t know even the e mail ID registered at that time. The e-filing site has peculiar rule that they will send you reset password at the e-mail ID registered with them. So I faced too much difficulty in resetting password. Finally to reset my pass word, I had to upload my digital signature which is a costly option.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Our, Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi led the world's biggest peaceful movement to free our Mother India. He led simple and illiterate masses to fight against the mighty British Empire, but never complained that more than ninety percent of his followers were illiterate. He got incredible results from whatever resources were available to him.
Shri Ram vanquished the arrogant Ravan with the army of monkeys.
 Bhuvan(Amir Khan) made a cricket team of novice villagers in one of the biggest blockbusters "Lagan," and defeated the skilled but complacent English team. The film "Lagan" became so much popular among Management Gurus that some of them advised their students to view "Lagan" to learn Management lessons. I attended a training program on Managerial Development Program at Lucknow in July 2012. One fantastic trainer, Mr. Abhay Singh showed us some video clips of the Lagan to explain many management lessons. One may find a good number of  Management lessons from film Lagan on the internet.

In the famous best-selling book "One Minute Manager," the learned authors Mr. Kenth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson exhorted readers to spare one minute daily to look on the people they manage and realize that they are most valuable resources of the organization.
There is one popular idiom which says," A bad workman quarrels with his tools."

Let's stop cursing our tools. Able leaders often get astounding results with simple tools.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


The brave speak not with their words but with their action. 
Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar never refuted any criticism by empty words. He gave a befitting reply by hitting another century.
General Ayub Khan was loudly boasting to capture Delhi, in the mean time our adventurous & brave troops led by well determined, Lionhearted Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri started knocking at Lahore.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Meera,the devotee of Lord Shri Krishna, drank poison and turned it into nectar.
Spot opportunities in all debacles also.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Our boss is also a human being like us. He too has a demanding boss. The big boss gives mind blowing targets to the poor fellow. Our boss is very hard pressed to achieve them fro earning appreciations, salary raise, promotion, etc., so he divides the targets among us. The people react in following 4 ways after getting goals.
1. Some persons sulk and say these tasks are not practical and never achievable. The boss gets very much irritated and brands them negative minded. 
2. Some say," Yes, we will achieve the targets comfortably." But they don't exert much to achieve the goals. Initially, the boss becomes happy. But afterward, he brands them, big braggarts.
3. Some persons accept the challenge happily and work wholeheartedly to achieve them but miss them slightly. The boss gets consoled that at least they tried sincerely.

4. Some persons not only accept the challenge with a brave smiling face but they also make innovative strategies to achieve the targets but leave no stone unturned to achieve them. The boss gets overjoyed with this category of persons. These persons are highly in demand at all places. They get incentives, promotions and appreciations. The other companies also look for poaching them into their company.