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Friday, April 19, 2013


Get what you can, what you get hold;
It's the stone that will turn all your lead into gold.
                                               --- Benjamin Franklin.

Once upon a time, all my salary used to disappear around the 20th of every Month. I used to take loans from one friend or the other for the rest five days. I often spent sleepless nights figuring out how and from whom shall I borrow to meet the deficit?  I was a regular borrower of staff credit & thrift society's short-term loans and paid them heavy interest.
 I used to repeat the famous cliche, "Development Budget is the Deficit Budget."
 A man becomes what he thinks, so I was destined to stay in the deficit. My close friends used to lend me off and on. I repaid them promptly after getting my salary. I found nothing negative in this evil.
 Once a very close friend of mine flatly refused to lend me. That incident shattered my self-respect. I decided not to borrow from anybody in my life.

First, I decided to improve my vocabulary. I stopped repeating the cliche,” Development budget is the deficit budget.” 
I further realized," If I perceived something necessary, I purchased it even after borrowing.
Now I changed the criteria. I started buying only unavoidable things provided we had surplus money at hand. We began to keep Goddess Laxmi in our home as long as possible.
 My great grandfather Rai Sahab Bhulawan Lal used to exhort,” If it is necessary, make it short.
  I started to comply with his dictum in real spirit. Mr. Dale Carnegie wrote one chapter on frugality in his famous book, ”HOW TO STOP WORRYING & START LIVING.” I found that section very useful to reduce most of my worries.
 I also read one excellent book, “LAW OF SUCCESS.” by Napoleon Hill. There is one full chapter in this book on the "Habit of Savings." Mr. Hill stressed that "Habit of Savings" is crucial for achieving stupendous success since one can't succeed in any endeavor without strong financial muscles.
 'CASH FLOW QUADRANT' (By Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sheron L. Lector) was also very helpful.
 Gradually I adjusted all high-interest loans. Now I am a proud man since I lend my friends selectively instead of borrowing from them.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


 In  the Pious Land of famous Poet Vidyapati, Mithila,it is believed that Goddess Desire continuously travels from one place to another. When the Goddess Desire visits a place, she fullfills all the wishes of people residing there. So it is always desirable to wish good & big things and work wholeheartedly for it. None knows when the Goddess  visits your place and  fulfills all your wishes.

I also wish that a Modern Cancer Hospital is opened in Muzaffarpur, the biggest city of North Bihar. This cancer hospital will serve the patients of the whole North Bihar and relieve the excess pressure on the   Mahaveer Cancer Institute, Patna which is the single cancer institute in Bihar having population of more than 8 Crores.