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Saturday, January 25, 2014



 I felt uncomfortable when a marriage party crossed my house while enjoying firecrackers.  I wanted to yell. Often I got irritated at trivial. However, I managed to keep calm somehow.

My friend Prashant Patel visited my office and exclaimed with concern that I had lost much weight. I retorted immediately, "I take controlled diet and exercise regularly that is why I have lost weight."I lost 7 Kg in a few months. It appeared unusual and I was a bit confused but didn't talk to my Doctor.
I returned home exhausted but wrongly believed, "It was due to hard work at the office." I was consumed much water due to unusual thirst and also visited washroom frequently, but I rationalized, "It was because of intake of much water and happily misbelieved that I was detoxifying my body by taking plenty of water."

There was confusion in recalling things. I was addressing a rally at Bank of India, Zonal Office. I saw an ex-colleague who recently joined Bank of India as a Probationary Officer. I recalled his name clearly. But when he wished me at the end of the rally, I could not call him by name.
But my sixth sense became alerted when I awoke twice in a night for going to the washroom. I gave my blood sample for the test. My blood sugar fasting level was 140. My PP level was detected 340 on Saturday and 447 on Tuesday. All the family members panicked. The Doctor advised me to cancel my visit to Bhubaneswar for attending CEC meeting.

I could have avoided all the unpleasantness if I could have caught the bastard earlier.

Monday, January 20, 2014


                                                                                                                      - CASEY NEISTAT 
 Rome was not built in a day.
 The Journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. 
Doing something daily towards our goals yields tremendous results.
 Don't think of hitting mega goals only; Strike even small targets towards your coveted life goal. Hitting a large number of small targets will give you enormous achievements.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Confrontation distracts our minds from progress,  makes our nervous system tense and inhibits growth by wasting our valuable energy in fights; it often escalates into physical fights and lodging of criminal cases, etc.; so progressive people must pre-empt it by hook or by crook.  
1. A smile is the best way to pre-empt confrontation. So I always smile pleasantly at my customers, they forget their little grievances. I do their work then & there, if possible. Their complaints end in toto, and they too bid Good Bye with smiling face.
2. Conflict of interests is another leading cause of confrontation. Experts suggest viewing the things with other person's angle also and try to find a way where both persons get what they want, or at least they get parts of what they want. This theory is also called," Win-Win Theory." 
All the major organizations such as TATA, Maruti, Microsoft, etc., run on win-win theory. They take care of their employees well. They do continuous research to give their customers more & more satisfaction for lesser and lesser price.

A life without confrontation will be much more beautiful and worth living. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The bullfight was a popular game in ancient days. The successful bullfighters never attempted to catch the bull's neck, legs or any other organ else the fierce bull would overpower & injure them. They used to target the bull's horns only. Those, who could successfully catch the horns directly with full force, used to overpower the ferocious animal.

The great problem solvers use the same technique to solve the vexing problems. They don't fear problems, they don't evade problems, they face the problems directly, they keenly observe and analyze the problem, and they take expert's advice if necessary and solve the problem then and there.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Efficiency means doing things right. Effectiveness means doing the right things. First, select right things to do, then do them fast in the right way. This will increase both our efficiency and effectiveness.

 To improve our effectiveness, we must know what the right things are? Preparing "TO DO LIST" daily is the best way to know what the right things are that we need to do today. We may start doing the most important things first from the list. When we focus on doing the most important things first, the other things take care of themselves. I prepare "TO DO LIST" in my mobile and review it twice every day.

I do following to increase my efficiency.
1. I learned some tips on time management.
2. I practice focused working. When I start doing a task, I don't allow my friends to interrupt me in the middle. If some of my friends visit me in between, I throw a warm smile and tell them politely to wait for a few minutes. If a few of my friends insist that their work is very urgent, I listen to their problem patiently, if situation warrants so I attend them immediately as an exception. I always keep my mobile in vibration mode. I call back my friends after completion of the task at hand.
3. I practice," A place for everything & everything in a place." This practice helps me in searching things easily.
4. I keep my drawers and workplace clean & clutter free.
5. I do physical exercises and play mental games daily to keep me physically & mentally fit.
6. I practice taking long deep breaths.
7. I often smile & talk funny to make my colleagues laugh and become tension free.
 All the above things work well. Please try them, you may get amazed. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


-- George Bernard Shaw

  We often admire our friends and colleagues liberally for maintaining a congenial atmosphere at our workplace.  
But, alas! Many of us forget this simple technique at home.
Once I tried this method at my home, too.  I sincerely appreciated my better half for preparing healthy and yummy dinner; her hearts knew no bounds. Consequently, we enjoyed a fantastic and satisfying evening. 
I also found a few reasons to admire my children; they became pleasantly surprised and motivated also.

 I dealt very tactfully and patiently with bank's customers, but I  got frequently irritated at home. Hence a tense environment always permeated there, and all my family members reeled under constant fear.
 But, now I am a changed man. I deal with my family members with the same tact and patience as I use with my business colleagues. Consequently, a positive energy prevails in the house.
You must be thinking if I was a nut, why am I wasting your time? I would not have shared my personal shortcomings purposelessly.

 I know a smart and well-behaved colleague who talks to everybody with utmost courtesy; once I was talking to him, in the meanwhile, his wife rang him; he started abusing her in a filthy language.

We dress smartly and behave appropriately so that others call us delightful persons.
 Let's behave in such a way at home so that our spouse calls us a lovely life partner, our parents call us obedient offspring, our children call us a caring parent. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I know a thin person of average height; I shall call him Mr. X whose mouth is always full of Pan. He is an intelligent man but alas everybody calls him a LIAR.
 However, I can vouch that Mr. Liar is a nice person, then what is the problem with the poor fellow? The poor chap reflexively tells, “YES" to everybody for every work. Naturally, he fails to fulfill all his promises. So he keeps on taking time. Whenever we ask him," What happened to the work you promised yesterday?" He immediately replies," Sir, today it will be done without fail. But most of his promises are never fulfilled. His associates become tired of his empty promises and exclaim with irritation," Do not talk about Mr. X, the great liar.

I have seen my many friends on the verge of mental break down. They say," Uttam Jee, my job will certainly drive me mad one day. I have hardly any time to talk to my family members. If I work 24 hours round the year, my tasks will not be complete."
 When I analyze their problem, I find that they have become addicted to the bad habit of telling, “YES." for every task and to everybody. They even take the work of their juniors and colleagues. They are sincere persons, and they don't want to be called, "LIAR."  So they work hard day and night and go on the verge of collapsing.

However, there is a simple solution to this vexed problem?  We must learn the art of saying yes selectively. However, we need not tell, "NO" out rightly. We may tell our colleagues," I shall think over your proposal and then convey my sincere views on this."  Thus we may get time to judge whether the proposal under consideration is worth doing or not and whether we have sufficient time and resources to honor our commitment, if we say, “YES."
We must also continuously strive for increasing our efficiency and effectiveness so that we could handle more assignments smoothly. In the meantime, we should practice telling no politely, tactfully and firmly, where the situation warrants so.
Note: I have misdescribed the identity of Mr. X to conceal his identity.