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Sunday, January 5, 2014


I know a thin person of average height; I shall call him Mr. X whose mouth is always full of Pan. He is an intelligent man but alas everybody calls him a LIAR.
 However, I can vouch that Mr. Liar is a nice person, then what is the problem with the poor fellow? The poor chap reflexively tells, “YES" to everybody for every work. Naturally, he fails to fulfill all his promises. So he keeps on taking time. Whenever we ask him," What happened to the work you promised yesterday?" He immediately replies," Sir, today it will be done without fail. But most of his promises are never fulfilled. His associates become tired of his empty promises and exclaim with irritation," Do not talk about Mr. X, the great liar.

I have seen my many friends on the verge of mental break down. They say," Uttam Jee, my job will certainly drive me mad one day. I have hardly any time to talk to my family members. If I work 24 hours round the year, my tasks will not be complete."
 When I analyze their problem, I find that they have become addicted to the bad habit of telling, “YES." for every task and to everybody. They even take the work of their juniors and colleagues. They are sincere persons, and they don't want to be called, "LIAR."  So they work hard day and night and go on the verge of collapsing.

However, there is a simple solution to this vexed problem?  We must learn the art of saying yes selectively. However, we need not tell, "NO" out rightly. We may tell our colleagues," I shall think over your proposal and then convey my sincere views on this."  Thus we may get time to judge whether the proposal under consideration is worth doing or not and whether we have sufficient time and resources to honor our commitment, if we say, “YES."
We must also continuously strive for increasing our efficiency and effectiveness so that we could handle more assignments smoothly. In the meantime, we should practice telling no politely, tactfully and firmly, where the situation warrants so.
Note: I have misdescribed the identity of Mr. X to conceal his identity. 

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