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Sunday, March 30, 2014


I have been receiving lots of SMS regarding big wins in lotteries. Suppose you receive an SMS that you have won the costliest car in the world. Assume that the sender of SMS is not a fraud, and he honestly hands over the keys of world’s most expensive car in your hands. Will you put Gutter Oil in its tank?

Some of you may be thinking, "This guy must have gone nuts.” Can a sane man put Gutter oil in his costliest car’s tank?  Some of you must be annoyed with me,” How dare I ask such a foolish question from a matured person like you?”  Of course I, too, am feeling guilty.” I should not have asked such a silly question from you.
But just think," Has God not gifted us the world’s most wonderful thing? Even most advanced computers in the world, can't match the capability of our brain. No factory in the world can manufacture any part of our body.
What do we do with the God’s costliest gift?
 Do some of us not put harmful alcohol in our bellies? Do some of us not put injurious tobacco’s smoke in our lungs? Do some of us not put dangerous gutka and other deadly tobacco products in our mouths? Do some of us not consume unhealthy foods?

If putting Gutter oil in your costliest car is weird? Can one call  above-mentioned activities normal activities?

Friday, March 28, 2014


A few days ago a smart young lady called on me and informed that she received a mobile call purportedly from the bank. The caller asked her debit card number and PIN (Personal Identification Number). She smelled a rat and refused to oblige. But the caller insisted that bank needed this information urgently else, her account would be blocked. So the lady relented and gave her husband's mobile number to the caller.
Her husband is a defence personnel. His mobile rang when he was travelling in a train. The caller asked the debit card number and its PIN urgently. The military man first hesitated, but when the caller threatened him that his account might be blocked in the absence of the required information, he gave in. The fraud caller withdrew almost all the amount from his saving fund account.

 Please always keep in mind that your bank never asks your debit card or credit card No., password, PIN, or any information related to your card. If anybody asks such information, please inform the law enforcing agencies or nearest cyber crime cell. 

Monday, March 24, 2014


Once I invited a friend for dinner, but I didn't discuss the menu with my better half, she, therefore, decided the list herself and cooked to the best of her ability.
To our dismay, my friend didn't like the dinner.

 I was tempted to fight with her, but I had read about the 'Leave alone rebuke' approach. So I kept silent. When she asked whether my friend liked the dinner, I just smiled. Later on, I explained to her that I should have told her about my friend's eating habits.

You might be wondering what this damn 'Leave alone rebuke'  approach is?

 You give your colleague a task and leave him alone without specifying the details, then on one beautiful day, you awake and find that task is not done according to your unspecified expectations, and you start blaming the helpless fellow for the mess.
I have been adopting 'Leave alone rebuke' approach at my office, at my house, and at all places, because I have been a lazy man. I just used to pass the buck after allotting tasks to my colleagues.
I didn't want to discuss the details, shunned to monitor the progress and guide my juniors regularly, since all these required efforts and time.
 So I gave them a task, left them alone to do in their ways, then I started yelling at the end for not doing the job according to my expectations. The results were often miserable.

Now I have bidden Good Bye to the laziness. I get myself involved from the beginning to the end according to the principles of Situational Leadership developed by Mr. Ken Blanchard & Paul Hersey.  I explained the theory in my another article, ”NEVER DELEGATE TO THE JOKER." The results are far better now. I, my colleagues and my family members are enjoying a sense of accomplishment and are happier than ever.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I have been practicing positive thinking since student life. Recently I used to feel low. I countered it with positive slogans. It used to work, but sad feelings were due to rise in blood sugar level i.e. diabetes. Diabetes needed medical treatment also in addition to positive thoughts. Actually, when I went for sugar test, the blood sugar level was 336 in fasting and 447 in PP which was very high. My family members panicked. I had to cancel my Bhuwaneshwar visit to attend CEC meeting.
 So if you are feeling depressed continuously, despite giving your mind sufficient dose of positive thoughts, consult your Doctor. You might be suffering from some dreaded disease. Recently one relative of my friend Anil Singh fainted. He rushed to a physician; his blood sugar random level was found 500.
We got a health check up done in Apolo Hospital, Bangalore in September 2014. My wife had a swelling in the umbilical region. The doctor detected it a hernia.  It will not be a bad idea to get the regular checkup after the age of 40.
 The Government of India also feels the need & importance of preventive health check-up. They have allowed deduction of Rs. 5000/- under section 80D of Income-tax Act for preventive health check-up of self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Talking is similar to driving in many ways.

1.  While driving, our vehicle may collide with the vehicle coming from the front. While talking, our emotions and ego may collide with the other person's emotions and ego. We, therefore, need to be equally careful while talking.

2. We get sufficient fuel for going on a long drive. Similarly, we must chalk out sufficient time for negotiating on important topics.

3. We carefully avoid potholes while driving on rough roads. We must handle controversial topics delicately while talking to a person. It is better to create topics of mutual interest also.

4. We grease the nuts and bolts of our vehicle to protect it from rust. We must use sincere appreciations in our talking to avoid misunderstandings & differences.

5. We keep our senses alert while driving.
 Our eyes continuously monitor all the traffic. Our ears listen to all the sounds with full attention. Our nostrils immediately smell anything burning or any fuel leak etc. Our sixth sense alerts us to any impending danger.   Similarly, we should continuously monitor body language, tone etc while negotiating and take corrective steps according to the need.
6. When we encounter novice, rash or drunken drivers, we keep patience and avoid accidents.  We need the same amount of patience and skill to  handle novice, rash or drunken negotiators.

Friday, March 14, 2014


It is believed that the devil is an evil spirit and outright enemy of the mankind. He can’t defeat us in a direct fight. So the evil spirit enters into our psyche and becomes our integral part.
When we decide to do good work, the devil raises many questions. We start doubting ourselves and change our mind. Finally, the devil has the last laugh.

When we can’t afford a new Maruti Swift car, the devil within us may suggest, there is no harm in visiting the showroom and enjoy free test ride. Finally, we get so much enchanted that we take a big loan to purchase it.

When we decide to give up a bad habit, the devil suggests that there is no harm in enjoying this bad habit once just, for now, after that I shall never touch it in my entire life. This sequence goes on and goes on the entire life.

When we decide to get up at 5 A.M. daily, the devil suggests let us sleep just for 5 more minutes. You may well guess what happens after that.
When one decides to give up smoking the devil induces him to go to the places where cigarettes are sold or enjoyed.
The devil misguides us, titillates us and hoodwinks us for doing undesirable things. We must unmask the evil spirit within ourselves & keep away from situations/places that may make us vulnerable to do unwanted things.  Only then we can make our dreams real.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



You may earn name & fame with our blog. All you have to do is to become a member of this blog by joining the site. You may write interesting & inspiring articles and e-mail me at Suitable articles will be published with your name on the blog. If the blog earns any royalty etc., you will get a share of net income after paying all the taxes, in the proportion of your number of articles to the total number of articles published on the blog. However, any payment will be subject to compliance with Indian Laws.

 You may withdraw your articles from blog any time at your sweet will; however, I shall not drop them from the blog once I  publish it. The decision to publish any article in the blog will be in my sole judgment which can't be challenged anywhere on any forum.

Who knew Munshi Prem Chand, Leo Tolstoy or William Shakespeare when they started writing? So dare to unleash your creativity.  Start writing efficiently and effectively. All the best.

Monday, March 10, 2014


'You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.'
Sherlock Holmes Quote
One must develop keen observation power to reap superb successes in life. 
A leading advocate finds a few tiny flaws in opposition's case and clinches it. A sharp detective discovers smallest clues left by the criminals and arrests them. A genius scientist observes an insignificant phenomenon and makes great inventions or discoveries; Newton saw an apple falling from a tree and discovered the gravitational power.
 Nurturing a keen observation power is a child's play. Observe a person with full concentration while talking to him; appreciate excellent things found, later on, discuss or write," What was the color of that person's dress? What were the distinct marks on his face?"
 While visiting a place observe all the details including minor one; Recollect later on what you observed there.
 Find what you missed during your first visit when you revisit the same location. This simple technique will increase your observation power with supersonic speed. You will also get a sharp memory as a bonus.
To make the game more interesting and lively, you may relate and discuss your observations with your friends.
 Have you ever tried to recollect all the articles and their placement in your bedroom? Do it and you will be amazed.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Whenever I write any article, I expect hundreds of LIKES on Facebook, thousands of pluses on Google+ and so on. But I never forget Alexander Pope's famous quote, " Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed."

 I also understand,"I am an amateur blogger."  I should write to my best abilities and be satisfied with what likes and pluses I get from connoisseurs of my blog. "To work wholeheartedly for the best and be prepared for the worst." always remains my motto. Therefore I stay happy with what I get.

Lord Shri Krishna exhorted in sacred Bhagwat Gita," Karmanyewadhikaraste Ma phaleshu Kadachana."
To work is only my right and to expect result is not my right. 

Above exhortation of Lord Shri Krishna is not for Yogis but for frail people like us to save us from depression and mental breakdown. 

Expectation results into depression and high expectations lead to deep depression.
 Expect nothing, not even compliments. Do good and forget about it. Jay Shri Krishna.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Everybody radiates an aura. Some radiate an aura of friendship, good will, and love. Some radiate an aura of hate, enmity, and negativity.

I read about a great Emperor in my childhood. He radiated love, confidence, regard and fear among his subjects. I was immensely impressed by the idea. I also try to practice it. You, too, may practice it. 

Behave like a sweet child sometimes so that your colleagues love you. Help them in need so that they have confidence in you. Show exemplary character, so that they regard you. Nip any indiscipline in the bud, so that they fear you. Always shower love, regard, friendship and good will where ever you go. Sympathize with those who are suffering. Express good wishes to all your friends and colleagues. Lift the spirits of those who come in your contact. Practice it and see the difference yourself. You may become Darling of your friends & colleagues. The persons working with you will be more productive than your competitors.  All the best.

Monday, March 3, 2014


We get thousands of works done from our friends, relatives and colleagues; they are either our juniors or seniors. Often we ask for a particular task but on D day we find that something else has been done. Then there are arguments and counter arguments about what was asked to be done?
How to avoid this ticklish situation?
 So we must communicate in a crystal clear way about our objective and also ensure that the other party has understood the communication clearly. After that, we should politely ask the expected date when the work will be done. If a plan is not time bound, it may take an eternity without being complete.
 Don' forget to follow up after doing above mentioned things else people will not take you seriously. Therefore, please write the expected date of completion in your diary/mobile, so that you could ensure that the work is complete in the promised time frame.

  You may remind your seniors politely, indirectly and tactfully with due regard at an opportune time. However, you may advise your juniors to inform you when the task becomes complete. 
But don't forget to make follow up discreetly if they don't report after the lapse of the promised period. I would request you to read my another article "Ask, Ask & Ask “ too.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Our nervous system is conditioned to "Fight or Flight Approach." When we work with a sense of urgency; our heartbeat, blood pressure, and blood sugar level increase. But when we work in a relaxed manner, the output becomes desperately small.
 How can we solve this vexed problem?

 When I start works with a sense of urgency, I take long deep breaths, and chant emphatically, “SENSE OF URGENCY WITH CALM NERVES."
It keeps me both fresh and fast. This process did not yield desirable results in the beginning. But, now it works.

Our subconscious mind learns or unlearns by continuous and emphatic repetitions. I have explained magical benefits of repetition in another article "EXPLOIT THE MAGICAL EFFECTS OF REPETITION."  Please read it to reap full benefits.