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Sunday, September 15, 2013


There are lots of articles in motivational literature to cure under-confidence. However, the danger of overconfidence is utterly ignored.

 I purchased a green Hero Honda Splendour Pro bike in October 2011. I loved it immensely. I took as much care of my beautiful bike as Baba Bharti took care of Sultan.

I got an alarm system installed on the motorcycle, and  I always put the alarm system on after parking it. However, I did not bother to put on the alarm in my branch premises.  I used to tell my staff that everybody in this locality recognizes my bike. Therefore, no thief will dare to take it from the office premises. However, to my utter disappointment, a thief stole my bike on one fine Saturday. The ATM guard was dumbfounded, but he could not even describe the bike's color.

Drunken drivers commit accidents because alcohol boosts their confidence unnecessary. Consequently, they take precious lives of others. Sometimes they make their children fatherless and put their family in great hardship. 

One Shayar wrote, "
ना मुझे जीत की खुशी थी, ना मुझे हार का गम था, अफ़सोस मगर मेरी किश्ती वहां डुबी जहाँ पानी कम था। "(I was neither pleased to win, nor depressed to lose. But, alas my boat capsized in shallow waters.) So one must be suitably vigilant even in shallow waters, else overconfidence will make him careless enough capsize his ship.

N.B. Philip Guedalla said," History repeats itself." So "Haar Kee Jit" of Sudarshan also repeated itself. The wisdom prevailed on the unknown thief as it prevailed on the robber Khadag Singh. He left my lovely bike near my office. I got it back after completing legal formalities.
 May God bless everybody with wisdom, peace of mind, happiness and success in noble causes. Amen.

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