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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


 We cremate the dead bodies of our nears and dears promptly after their demise to avoid rotting and stinking
But unfortunately, we keep old rotting thoughts close to our hearts and permit their nauseating stench making our lives hell.

Our mind learns to react reflexively in a particular way to a given situation.
 I was a naughty child. So my mother often complained my father about my mischiefs. Sometimes my dad thrashed me black & blue. Therefore, whenever I made a mischief, my mother warned wryly, let your dad come. Now I started guessing what my dad would do. The imagination ran wild regarding dangerous things. 
Now, father figure has notionally changed. But even now when I rationally decide to do a daring act, my imagination starts running wild, how the present controlling characters will react. So to overpower the bad thoughts of childhood, I repeat continuously," Burn all the rotten thoughts." I found after analyzing my mind that I have been a slave to many wicked thoughts.
 I was frail in my childhood, so I used to tell school bullies," Ham apnee azadee ko hargeej mita sakte naheen, sar kata sakte hain, par sar jhuka sakte nahin( I shall rather get my head chopped off to maintain my freedom.
Once a veteran war general said, " He loves his enemies, so he always sends them quickly to heaven." This was a new thought.
 However, these things only have symbolic meaning in our lives. The first thought implies that I shall incur any loss to ensure my freedom. The second idea means that I shall make my opponents sustain the maximum damage if enmity becomes inevitable. However, we are firm believers in Win-Win theory.

A few days ago, I drove away evil thoughts by using simple methods. When I awoke, I felt,"Nothing was going right." I was deeply frustrated. I recalled,"Last night I was very satisfied with all the affairs of my life. I was euphoric while going to bed."
 I wondered what happened during my sleep.  I left the bed and found that I forgot to open some windows. So obviously there was a shortage of Oxygen in the room. I opened all the windows and started to repeat motivational slogans, took a few glasses of water and went in the veranda to start cycling on the exercycle. After half an hour I was again to the best of my moods.
 Analyze and identify your bad thoughts, bid them goodbye and cremate them at earliest with all regard. You will find a new you marching rapidly towards your cherished dreams.

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