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Monday, September 1, 2014


Do you know," Every person carries many visible sign boards with him." That is why we call someone intelligent; we call someone trustworthy; we call someone cunning; and so on.
 I too carried a big signboard which said," I forget no favour and forgive no disfavour." This sign was inspired by a character in Sidney Sheldon's famous novel,"The Other Side of Midnight ." I had made it intentionally after giving due thought. However, later on, I felt that forgiving no disfavour is behaving just like a snake.
 It is said that the snake bites even that person who feeds milk to it when it gets a little displeasure. So there is one popular idiom in our area, “You may feed tonnes of milk to a snake, but even then it will never be trustworthy."
Therefore, I decided to change my signboard. Now it reads," I forget no favour; I condone some disfavour, but don't take me for granted." The signboard is again well thought. When I reciprocate the favours given, I assure my friends and public a positive reciprocal gesture for every favour they bestow upon me. Thus I encourage others to give me favours. I condone unintentional disfavours and counsel such persons. But after all, being Senior Manager, I have certain administrative functions to discharge, so I need to instil some sense of fear also. So sometimes I warn and sometimes I retaliate selectively if it becomes necessary. However, I try to be as discreet as a surgeon who operates and takes out only bad parts of the body.
Have you ever analysed what signboards you carry with you? Have you made your signboards after giving a proper thought? Do you change or modify your signboards when it is need of the hour?
Please take a pen and a piece of paper and start writing your answer to the above questions. Investing a little time, in this exercise, may reap tremendous benefits.

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