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Saturday, January 3, 2015


I have to deal with lots of persons daily. I can't tell “YES " to all of them. So I have devised my own ways to say " NO" with as less heartburn as possible. I use “KIS "( Keep it simple.) formula in the process.  
Step No. 1. I welcome every person with a charming smile as well as empathy and  invite him to sit comfortably and listen to his problem attentively. (The visitor feels honored)
Step No. 2. If his request is worth conceding, I get his work done then and there. (Thus I earn the reputation of getting right things done fast without any hiccups.) If I can't comply with the valid request of the person immediately, I ask for time and ensure doing his work within proposed time.

Step No. 3. If the demand of the person is not genuine, I tell him frankly and politely about my inability to concede the demand and explain the reasons for it. I also clarify that instead of telling" No” now, I could have given him false promises. But this would have just been a waste of time for him. He becomes a little disappointed but finally agrees that it is better to tell "NO" in the first instance than lingering it for a long time unnecessarily.
Step No. 4. However, some of them are adamant and unnecessarily insist upon getting their demands complied. I ask for time to consult my seniors. Later on, I tell "NO" on the phone.
Step No. 5. Sometimes the demand of the visitor is genuine, but I am unable to help him. I convey my feelings to him and also assure him that I shall do whatever I can to help the just cause.

I guarantee the visitor in all the above situations that though I am telling him "NO" in this particular case yet, I shall always be ready to help him in some other problem, if possible, in future. I also ensure to bid goodbye in a friendly way. 

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