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Monday, November 3, 2014


Use all your six senses to cope with challenges thrown by swindlers.

My grandma used to tell stories about thugs and crooks. Those villains used to have big mustaches and terrible faces. But, in real life, they look like normal human beings. They look friendly but will deceive you, as soon as you go off guard. There are many rackets where they swindle people as part of organized profession.
Medicine companies are one of the best examples. Same drugs are sold by the companies on huge price differences ranging from 100% to 300% or more. I wonder how the government allows this. The height of irony is that the affordable medicines marketed by the reputed companies are not available at all places.
Online swindlers ask debit card numbers and passwords by impersonating themselves as bank staff and siphon off all the money by making online purchases. They give their address to the online marketing companies for shipment of goods even then our efficient Police is unable to catch them, and the racket is going on unabated. 
One can be duped at innocuous places also. Recently I went to get petrol from a well-known petrol pump and asked for 5 litres. The innocent looking petrol pump operator suggested me politely to get the tank filled completely. As soon as the tank became full, he reset the meter within a nanosecond. He claimed 595 bucks. I protested that I did not see the meter. But I didn't want to make a scene for some small amount he might have swindled. Moreover, there was a long queue behind me, so I paid silently. When I related the story to my colleagues, they told that the petrol pump operators dupe as soon as somebody goes off guard.
Therefore train your five senses of smelling, hearing, looking, touching and tasting to cope with the challenge. The sixth sense or the intuition of the attentive persons  also strengthens automatically.

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