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Monday, December 9, 2013


 Different emotions like love, friendship, hatred, etc., control human beings at different times. 
According to the great psychiatrist and Transaction Analyst Eric Berne, our personality consists of Parent, Adult, and Child ego states. Many a time we are controlled by Child ego state. We enjoy childlike activities. When we are controlled by Parent ego state, we repent for some of the acts done by us in Child ego state. Sometimes we are in Adult ego state and take rational decisions with an open mind.
Our mind is a best audio-video recorder. It continuously records everything, we see or hear. During our childhood, our different parent figures give us different instructions such as
Work Hard.
Never touch wine.
The profession of Business is right.
The occupation of Service is good. 
Honesty is the best policy. etc.,
Our mind remembers these instructions. The tapes reproduce Parent figure's instructions at appropriate times. Often our different parent figures give us conflicting instructions. So our brain reproduces conflicting voices creating confusion. Our father might have taught us to be courageous and take a risk. Our mother might have taught us not to put ourselves in trouble. The Child in us might be wanting to enjoy life at some parent figure cost. So when we want to start some big project. We would like to be courageous like our father at the moment. At another moment we would be afraid and shun taking any risk as taught by our mother. The teachings of other parent figures such as grandparents, uncles, teachers, etc., may also come to our mind. Yet at another moment we may think our parents have left a significant legacy so we should enjoy life like a Child. So different thoughts come to our mind, and we become confused.

The best antidote to the confusion is to write all our thoughts on paper & rationally decide which thought best suits us. We may also take the help of our friends in Adult ego state in making right decisions. Once a decision is taken after doing due diligence, we must stick to our decision through thick & thin. We must realize at this juncture that no decision can be perfect but if we stick to a well thought rational decision, results will always be above par & there will be no room for confusion too.

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