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Sunday, August 17, 2014


It is easy to suppress the first desire than to fulfill all those follow it.
Benjamin Franklin.
Whether we are masters of our desires or their servants?

Many psychologists bemoan, “None, but we are our biggest enemies. We harm ourselves much more than our worst enemies.” 
 Even some persons may become LIVING ghosts.
 What is a Ghost? 
It is a soul sans body. He can't enjoy tasty yummy foods. He can't enjoy beautiful symphonies of music. He can't enjoy the breathtaking, magnificent scenery since he has no tongue, ears, or eyes.
 In short, a ghost can’t enjoy any luxury of life, but he has infinite desires, and he hankers here and there after fulfillment of those everlasting desires. 

 Once a friend of mine grumbled that he was seriously ill; his sugar level was abnormally high despite a massive dose of insulin and other drugs. Recently I saw him devouring yummy sweets in a feast. I smiled at him; he blushed but kept enjoying the delicious sweet poisons.

A black sheep had extra-marital affairs on the verge of retirement; apparently, his mischief required more money than his earnings. He committed a fraud and killed himself after detection of the same. Unfortunately, his uncontrolled desires first made him a living ghost. Then, alas, he became a real ghost.

 Our forefathers rightly devised four stages of life in our Hindu Religion. The Brahmacharya(student life), Grihastha(household life), Vanaprastha(48-72) and Sanyasa(72 onwards). 
During Brahmacharya(student life), one practiced controlling illicit and unreasonable desires. During Grihastha(household life), one fulfilled reasonable desires and discarded unreasonable ones. When one reached the age of Vanaprastha, one gradually started to withdraw from the world by forsaking all the desires voluntarily.
 The choice is ours. Whether we, voluntarily, opt for mastering our desires to lead a peaceful life or we hanker after infinite unfulfilled desires to lead a miserable life like a living ghost?

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